Prince Harry: Would Kate Middleton like Prince William to be more like her?

Entertainment 25 April, 2017

Is there a storm in the air? Apparently, Kate Middleton would like her husband Prince William to be much more like her brother, Prince Harry …
In recent days, a crazy rumor suggests that Kate Middleton and Prince William would be in cold . According to many American tabloids, the two lovers would have disagreements over the education of their two children, George and Charlotte . The 34 year old dad would be a bit more permissive and would let his offspring watch cartoons before going to bed. Faced with this situation, the Duchess of Cambridge would seek help on forums for discussions with other mothers and this, in order to find a solution to her problems. A difference of opinion that would lead them to conflict.
According to information disclosed by Celeb Dirty Laundry , Kate Middleton would like Prince William to be inspired by the behavior of her younger brother, Prince Harry . The reason ? “Kate does not hide it, she is very proud that Harry has confided in her past with sincerity, so she wants William to be as honest as Harry, and that could help them in their daily lives , indiscreet. Such praise would not be too much for some royal specialists who would then wonder if the 35-year-old woman would be so talkative on her husband. An amazing revelation which will not fail to make speak on the Web. And yet, according to Gossip Cop , all these statements are false. Difficult therefore to disentangle the truth from the false. Anyway, fans of the couple will be reassured to know that Kate Middleton and Prince William were very complicit during the Easter weekend. And you what do you think ?