Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 2 tonight, Sara gets a message from Michael!

Cinema 11 April, 2017

While episode 2 of the Revival of Prison Break will be broadcast tonight on the FOX, return on the main lines of “Kaniel Outis”!
Sara finally convinced of the return of Michael? And yes the meltynauts, if she understood that someone wanted to hurt her family, difficult for the young woman to admit that the one she loved so much is still alive and that he did not try To find her. While Melty’s editorial offered you to discover our criticism of episode 1 of the Prison Break Revival , let’s go back in detail on the main lines of “Kaniel Outis” broadcast tonight on the FOX . And the least we can say is that we are going to see some very complicated reunion. Indeed, Sara will do everything possible to understand how and why Michael managed to survive a deadly tumor . In her investigation, she will trace a trail that will take her to the State Department and to Paul Kellerman. If he had redeemed himself at the end of Season 4 by whitening the majority of the escapees, let us not forget that he tortured Sara for hours in a hotel room.
Memories very difficult to erase. How will she react when she comes face to face with him? Will he give him more information about Michael? Meanwhile, Lincoln and C-Note will try to find the Sheik of Light while Michael and his co-detainee will foment an ingenious plan to escape from Ogygia prison. This will allow us to see our hero in his element: an escape! One thing is certain, we are terribly eager to discover the continuation of the adventures of Lincoln and Michael. Especially since this one will send a very precious message to Sara. While waiting for more information, I invite you to relive with me the day when … Prison Break made a shattering comeback.