Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 3 tonight, Michael tries a new escape!

Cinema 18 April, 2017

While episode 3 of the Revival of Prison Break will be broadcast tonight on the FOX, return on the main lines of “The Liar”!

Will Lincoln abandon his brother? And yes the meltynauts, since his arrival in Yemen, poor Lincoln must have come to the obvious: Michael is no longer the same and he is now called Kaniel Outis. A name that only inspires fear and terror in the country. Especially since Michael did not have the slightest reaction when he saw his brother in front of him after more than seven years . Has the real Michael gone forever? While Melty’s editorial offered you to discover our review of Episode 2 of the Prison Break Revival , let’s go back to the main lines of “The Liar” broadcast tonight on FOX . And the least we can say, Is that the pace should seriously intensify. Indeed, Sara will find herself very soon chased by Van Gogh and A & W who work for the mysterious Poseidon to which Michael referred in the episode of last week. And it is T-Bag that will warn Sara of the risks it incurs! Will the young woman find a plan strong enough to escape her assailants?
Meanwhile, Lincoln has only one idea in mind: get his passport. Remember, he had to give it to one of Sheba’s sources so that he could see Michael in jail. But the climate will become more and more violent in Yemen obliging Lincoln has tried everything to recover it. But can he really do it? Has it not already been resold and modified? Finally, Michael decided it was time for him to launch his escape. Hopefully this is just one more plan to prevent a sizeable terrorist from escaping. So it may be time to know the true face of our hero. One thing is certain, we are eager to discover the continuation of the adventures of the two brothers. While waiting for more info, (Re) discover the video of episode 3 of the Prison Break Revival on melty. Do you think Michael has become a terrorist?