Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 4, Michael in danger of death in the promo video!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

While the episode 4 of the Prison Break Revival will be released next Tuesday on the FOX, let’s discover together the first unpublished images of “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”!
An increasingly tense climate! And yes the meltynauts, Yemen seems about to ignite and the prison Ogygia could well reserve serious threats to our hero. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our criticism of Episode 3 of the Prison Break Revival in which Michael was completely down , let’s go back in detail to the first unreleased images of “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” recently unveiled by FOX . First, be aware that Michael, Whip and Ja will be in a desperate situation after their attempted abortive escape . With an increasingly tense atmosphere, they will only have to try their luck one last time, First had to make a pact with Ramal more thirsty for vengeance than ever after the treason of which he was the victim. Will Michael succeed once again, but above all to regain courage? We crossed our fingers!
For his part, Lincoln will do his best to help his brother to escape and will then launch in a race against the frantic watch. Finally, T-Bag will organize a meeting with Kellerman to gather information on the resurrection of Michael. Will Sara finally get answers? One thing is certain, the pace is accelerating and we just look forward to the long awaited reunion of Lincoln and Michael. After so many years of separation, no doubt that this scene will be extremely moving. We will have to hold back our tears! While waiting for this unforgettable moment, (re) discover the promotional video of episode 3 of the Revival of Prison Break on melty. What do you think of these unpublished images?