Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 9, the final confrontation between Michael and Jacob, our critic of the Season Finale!

Cinema 31 May, 2017

While the Revival of Prison Break ended last night on the FOX, back on the main highlights of the Season Finale!
Finally released? Yes, the meltynauts, after several weeks of tension and doubts, Michael finally managed to find his family in an episode as sympathetic as moving. If the Revival has not managed to live up to the first two seasons, it has nevertheless made it possible to offer a farewell worthy of the name to our hero. While Melty’s editorial tells you that SPOILER had died in the Prison Break Revival Season Final , let’s go back to the main events that marked “Behind The Eyes” aired last night on FOX . And the least we can say is that we witnessed the final confrontation of two geniuses capable of the worst and the best to achieve their ends. For, Is exactly what the Revival has brought to light: Michael is no longer the innocent young man of the beginning. He has gone through so many trials since he prevented his brother from being executed that his plans are becoming more dangerous, less rational as well. And in this episode, Michael obviously had only one thing in mind: to find his son. Unfortunately, Jacob does not plan to give up his family, let alone Mike that he spends most of the time brainwasher . We are not going to lie, it was very difficult to see Mike crack and put himself on the side of Poseidon when we know the true story and the suffering that this can engender in Michael.
Meanwhile, T-Bag and Whip were getting to know each other and their duo worked wonders. A huge asset of this Season Finale, their link pushes the villain of the first seasons to question and try to set a good example. How can you not feel a great sadness when you discover that Whip will never get to know his father better? It is there that it is clear that the character of T-Bag really evolved during the years passing from the terrible pedophile and downright crazy to a man bruised and broken. Okay, he’s still a little crazy, but let’s face it, though, that Whip’s death made us feel sorry for him. But it is not the only reason. Indeed, we ended up attaching to him. Becoming Michael’s new right-hand man, It was a Sugar in power and force is to realize that this side burnt head will have ended up being right of him . At the same time, he had already risked his life by attempting a stroke of this style with Ramal, he would have been extremely lucky if he had emerged unscathed twice. The last few minutes of the episode suggest that T-Bag has managed to avenge him. But will he again become the monster he was by taking Jacob’s life?
However, it took patience to see Poseidon find himself in prison. Until the end, we had the feeling that he would succeed in getting Michael ahead and bringing him back to the hands of the police. But we should not underestimate our hero who has had time to consider how he was going to corner him. If Jacob was far from being the most attractive villain, he was one of the most intelligent and it was interesting to see them confronting each other with very similar means. So it’s with a brilliant twist that only Michael has the secret that Jacob was finally put out of harm’s way . Despite everything, and even though the end does not necessarily call for a sequel, the bases were laid for a potential sixth season. Would it really be helpful in the current state of affairs? Probably not but we will not sully our pleasure if it should indeed take place. In short, the Season Finale was well orchestrated and duly concluded the series. It remains to be seen if FOX would be ready for a new adventure. Waiting for more info, (re) discover the latest spoilers on the Prison Break Revival Season on melty. What did you think of the last episode of Prison Break? (Re) discover the latest spoilers on the Prison Break Revival Season on melty. What did you think of the last episode of Prison Break? (Re) discover the latest spoilers on the Prison Break Revival Season on melty. What did you think of the last episode of Prison Break?