Quantico season 2: Episode 12, Alex releases the hostages, our critic

Cinema 14 February, 2017

Last night, ABC offered us a new episode of season 2 of Quantico. So it’s time to discover our review of this episode 12 and the promotional video of the next!
As every Monday now, ABC broadcasts season 2 of Quantico. Last night, we saw episode 12 which had some revelations but which unfortunately did not omit to lose us. Yes, this season 2 of Quantico is incomprehensible and “Fallenoracle” was still far too rough to our liking. The series loses its fans with each new episode, which is a pity. Where is the freshness and originality of the first season? The future of the series is in peril what is normal. But while waiting to learn more about its future, it is time to return to the main elements that characterized “Fallenoracle” . In this episode, Alex and Owen collaborated. Since our heroine has brought proof that his daughter is the head of the IAC, the leader of “The Farm” takes Alex seriously and trusts him. In addition, Lydia had returned to the CIA as a double agent to procure the NSA plans and thus be able to infiltrate it, so our recruits had a new mission, and those who followed Lydia had One in parallel.
In addition, Leon continued to collaborate with Nimah because he no longer supports being part of the IAC. For his part, Dayana had doubts about him, which proved to be right and he had to leave this terrorist organization. In addition, he decided to cut the bridges with Shelby (aka Jane) and this decision was not easy for him or her. Do their couple have any hope in the future? We hope so because they went well together and it changed dramas between Alex and Ryan. Their “I love you, me either” really begin to weary. Back in the present where Alex is trying to get the hostages out. This mission is very perilous and obviously the danger and the betrayals are roaring . They can not trust anyone and yet they are obliged to do so to have a chance to go out. Who’s Who ? In our opinion, the writers have lost themselves in the intrigue of this season 2 of Quantico and the series becomes almost incoherent, which leaves us a bitter taste.
Moreover, in this episode 12 of season 2 of Quantico, we learned that David had married the woman he was to seduce during a mission to “The Farm” . Of course, she is not a simple innocent and in the final minutes of the episode, she tried to kill Harry. David had to make a choice between his wife and the man for whom he felt feelings and he chose Harry, but a little too late. She pulled the first one and touched David. Is he dead ? In any case he had time to kill her. “Fallenoracle” counted new victims and this scene was also one of the most successful of the episode, that is to say. The very last scene still sends us back to new questions. Alex managed to release most of the hostages , although some missed the call. So she asked to speak with the character in charge and she came face to face on Lydia who works with the FBI. What? She tells him she is the only person she trusts and has to go back inside the building. Can Alex believe it? Who is she really? This episode 12 of the season 2 of Quantico was so rough, mixing too many intrigues at the same time while turning the brain, but in the wrong direction. Will Episode 13 follow the same direction? The promo video gives us a little hope that not! The biggest secrets should be revealed . FINALLY ! But while waiting for this episode, Discover the spoilers of the week ! And you, what did you think of this episode?