Reign Season 4: A Successful Chapter? Our record of the ultimate season

Cinema 27 June, 2017

Was Reign’s season 4, which ended on June 16, been up to the finish line?
Ten days ago we had to say goodbye to Mary Stuart and the Reign series since it was not renewed for a fifth season. Then did the last chapter of the life of the Queen of Scotland convince us? Well, it must be said that our feeling is mixed with Reign season 4 , as with every season, there is good and not so good . In the worst case, we will note the intrigue which takes place at the court of France . Since Mary left France, we are not going to lie, we do not have much to do with what happens there. We adore the character of Catherine De Medicis, it is unfortunately not enough to make the whole interesting.
Fortunately, we did have the visit of Catherine in Scotland who finally put the character forward as it deserves. Megan Follows and Adelaide Kane are both very good actresses and they work really well together . Too bad his passage was only of very short duration, for it was a real pleasure to see them plot together again. Another point that was embarrassing, especially when you know Marie Stuart’s story quite well, is that you really feel that the plot was accelerated in order to slide the highlights of his life after his Return to Scotland: his second marriage, the death of Rizzio, Bothwell, the birth of his son, his death … Obviously, We suspect that the writers did not really have the choice on learning that the series was not going to get fifth season and it was then necessary to condense years of history in 16 episodes. It feels all the more in the final series where everything is linked very quickly. Too bad the series did not have more time to properly develop its intrigues.
Otherwise, we are still fans of the character of Mary who still shows himself as a strong woman who will not yield to the pressure of men. The feminist discourse is always present in the series and carried brilliantly mainly by Mary and Elizabeth, the two queens who are forced to hate themselves lest men steal their thrones from them . They both take the problems with their arms and do not shrink from any challenge and it is important to show strong women like them on the screen. In the end, we still really enjoyed following this last season, despite the lengths and our disinterestedness of the French plot, because the series always manages to entertain us and this remains its main goal. We laughed, we cried, We were shocked and amazed and we know that Reign will miss us next year. For consolation, know that you can always read or re-read our review of the final series of Reign , on melty. What did you think of this season?