Reign season 4: Episode 16, the end of the reign, our critic of the final series

Cinema 17 June, 2017

Last night, the American channel The CW broadcast the latest episode of the series Reign. Then discover our review of “All It Cost Her …”!
What an episode and, above all, what an end! Predictably, Reign took us out handkerchiefs for his latest episode, and if we feel clearly that the plots have been accelerated this year and even more in the final series, it’s all very satisfied with this. If, as usual, writers take liberties with historical facts, the main lines of the fall of Mary Stuart are there . And even if we regret that everything goes so quickly, it must be admitted that Laurie McCarthy and the rest of the team did well to conclude their story in sixteen episodes after learning the cancellation of the show by the CW. Our three queens are obviously at the heart of the intrigues, And the feminist side of the series is once again highlighted through the speeches of Mary and Elizabeth in particular. After these general remarks, let’s go back to episode 16 of Season 4 of Reign , a little more in details.
In Scotland, it is a real jerk of fight to find the newborn of Mary and fortunately it is at this time that James is back to the court. It is he who will find the child and bring it back to his sister, who will decide to call her James in honor of her savior. Mary, who refuses to live in constant fear that Darnley can come back and hurt her child, ends up accepting Bothwell’s proposal and authorizes her to kill her husband, the King of Scotland . If the queen was not ready to go before the murder before, the arrival of her child changes the situation. Unfortunately, nothing happens as planned. First, the explosion does not kill Darnley and Bothwell is forced to finish it with his hands. But, The Scottish Lords turn against him and denounce his crime with John Knox to secure their rear. Bothwell and Mary are arrested for murder …
Meanwhile, in England, Elizabeth is faced with the consequences of her actions, concerning the Spanish fleet but also its connection with Gideon. After killing Jane with her hands, Elizabeth must find a way to get rid of the archduke who presented her with a new marriage contract, much less pleasant than the first. Then comes the letter that Mary wrote in Reign’s Season 4 episode 15 , in which she calls her cousin for help and vows her to give up the English throne. Without the pressure of Scotland and Mary on her throne, Elizabeth is free to remain single, no longer needing the support of Austria or a union with the Archduke. If Mary allows Elizabeth to retain her freedom and power, The Queen of England will not have the same attentions towards her cousin … We still remember the moment when, dressed as a soldier, Elizabeth joined her men, ready to lead her army against the Spanish armada . “I would not bow to any man ,” she chants to her troops and one can only think “YASS QUEEN” .
As for the rest of the season, the French plot is by far the least exciting of the episode and the end of Catherine’s storyline is strange to say the least. Magic, plan of three, a witch who does not die … Yes, yes, we are well in France! If Catherine finally managed to end the quarrel between her two sons about Nicole by asking Emmanuelle to eliminate it, it would seem that this would have unfortunate consequences. First of all, Emmanuelle wants to be paid via a three-way plan with Catherine and Narcisse which allows her to carry in her the child of the devil – apparently . Then she revealed to Catherine that the plan of her sons to destroy Spain would not work. Either she allows them to do so, and Charles will not long remain on the throne, Or she tries to stop them and will be blamed and killed – nice . For the first time, Catherine chose to protect herself rather than her children . Little thought for Claude who really does not have the right to a happy ending, because after losing Leith, she also seems to have lost Luke … Poor Claude, you deserved better.
Finally, the series ends after a jump in the time of 21 years, where we find Mary the day of its execution. Despite a last attempt on the part of his son James – who is now an adult and King of Scotland – with Elizabeth to stop the execution of his mother, Elizabeth makes him understand that she will not change her mind. Either he accepts the execution of his mother and becomes the heir of the English crown, which will finally unite the two kingdoms, or he can save his mother. After so many years, Elizabeth is always fearful of her cousin. Fortunately for our little hearts, we do not witness the execution of Mary and instead we find her in the arms of Francis! Mary has endured all this but death brings her together to her forever love. It is a bitter-sweet end that Reign offers us for his final series , with flashes of the life of the queen of Scotland that bring us balm to heart after this tragic end. What did you think of this episode?