Reign Season 4: Episode 6, did Elizabeth succeed in preventing the union between Mary and Darnley? Our criticism

Cinema 26 March, 2017

Check out our review of Episode 7 of Reign’s Season 4, which aired last night on the US channel The CW.
What is good with this season 4 of Reign is that we do not get bored a second in front of the episodes so much is happening of things between the Scottish plot, the English and the French. Let’s start with Scotland where we find Mary and Lord Darnley little by little falling in love with each other. However, Mary still refuses to let her guard down, despite the fact that they are now engaged. Their flirting was soon interrupted by Englishmen sent by Elizabeth in order to prevent their union. The danger is real for the two lovebirds, besides that defying Elizabeth would lead to a declaration of war. Moreover, once again, The latter shows how she is malignant since she takes Mary in her own trap by sending a man to kill Darnley in the place where he is supposed to be safe. If the latter comes safe and sound, Mary is upset and finally understands why she refuses to listen to her heart: she is afraid of losing him as she lost Francis . Finally, Darnley convinces her with the least reassuring talk in the world. Mary seems to like the idea of ​​living dangerously by her side anyway.
Meanwhile, in England, Elizabeth has not only the assassination of Lord Darnley to orchestrate. She promised Gideon that she would do everything in her power to help him with her daughter, and she now has to prove that she has only one word. She then brought one of the best doctors to look after the little one. Everything seems to go perfectly, until the Queen of England discovers that this man is a charlatan and that he did not cure the illness of Gideon’s daughter at all. Elizabeth, still as formidable as she is intelligent, confronts the doctor and realizes that she will have to announce to her only friend that her daughter will not be able to heal. This plot greatly humanizes Mary’s rival and makes her character ever more complicated to hate .
In France, nothing has changed since Charles disappeared and left the kingdom without a king. Moreover, Leeza is back and we will have to explain again to him the suspicious absence of the monarch. If Catherine and Narcissus have a plan, everything will crumble when the men of Leeza find a young boy wearing a crown and announcing that a young man gave it to him no longer wanting. She then decides to regain control of the situation and this does not promise anything promising for Catherine. For her part, Claude is enjoying the benefits of the market she spent with her new husband with Leith. Unfortunately for her, their little arrangement will not last more than two weeks since Leith understands very quickly that he will not bear to see his beautiful in the arms of another, even if it is “