Reign Season 4: Episode 7, a new disappointment for Mary, our critic

Cinema 2 April, 2017

Check out our review of Episode 7 of Reign’s Season 4, which aired last night on the US channel The CW.
If in episode 6 of Season 4 Reign Mary finally let go with Darnley, the turnaround was suddenly in that which was broadcast last night in the United States. The return of Keira really turned the head of the future king of Scotland and it seems to have forgotten all the beautiful words that he declared to Mary the day before. As we know, Darnley was the second husband of the Queen of Scotland, but not the last, so something had to be broken between them. We just thought it would happen after the wedding. Mary decides that the wedding will still take place, as she needs him to establish her power in Scotland and possibly have a chance to regain the throne of Elizabeth. On the other hand, she makes things clear by telling her that their marriage will be purely political. In addition, this episode also introduced Lord Bothwell, a very important character in the life of Mary Stuart . Is it a coincidence that we meet him the day Mary leaves Darnley? And, can he be the mysterious messenger who warns against the latter from the beginning? To be continued …
Meanwhile, in England, Elizabeth is still looking for a valid reason to justify sending the British troops to Scotland. And when one of her advisors finally brings her the news she expects, the time and discussions with Agatha will change her perception of things. If we can reproach Reign for not giving Elizabeth some exciting intrigues since a few episodes, they still have the interest to humanize his character, who was simply seen as the enemy of Mary last season. In contact with Agatha, this dying child, Elizabeth realizes that she is no longer the little girl who was locked up in the Tower and that she does not have to be frightened any more .
Finally, in France, Catherine and Narcisse meet Charles while he is integrated into a small village. If Catherine wants to prevent her daughter, Leeza, from putting another man on the throne, she must at all costs convince her son to resume his role as king. With a little persuasion, especially from a young lady, Charles finally accepted but made a most disconcerting revelation before Leeza, Catherine and Narcissus: he is now Protestant. The war of religions that is spreading throughout Europe now seems to have reached the French throne. Obviously, Leeza, as queen of a purely Catholic country, sees this with a very evil eye. Clearly, Catherine encounters many problems with her second son. Otherwise, We do not regret the departure of Leeza but we hope that the French plot will be a bit more interesting later because the drama around Charles does not fascinate us . In the meantime, know that you can always read our review of Episode 6 of Season 4 of Reign , on Melty. What did you think of this episode?