Reign Season 4: Series Finale, the date of the last episode finally unveiled

Cinema 21 April, 2017

The end of the war between Mary and Elizabeth approaches in Season 4 of Reign. The date of the final episode of the series has just been revealed!
Last week, in episode 9 of Reign’s Season 4, Mary married Darnley . This marriage promises to be much less romantic than that of the Frary couple. The Queen of Scotland has once again put her country first. Can she still have a happy-ending? If Mary approaches Bothwell, Elizabeth will always remain a threat. Moreover, if we rely on history, Mary’s destiny will probably be tragic. The end of Reign is fast approaching and the future of the Queen of Scotland is far from radiant . If for the moment it is Elizabeth who seems in trouble, the Queen of England should regain the advantage over her cousin. The CW has just revealed the Season Finale of Reign’s Season 4, which will also be the last episode of the series. So when will Mary bow out?
The Queen of Scotland will bid farewell in episode 16 of Season 4 of Reign which will air on Friday, June 16 on The CW. Prepare your handkerchief stocks now because this Series Finale promises to be tough. It’s Elizabeth who should finally win the game. The Queen of England should imprison her cousin for a while before finally deciding to execute her as she has already done for poor Lola. Photos of the shoot showed Mary approaching a scaffold. Will she be decapitated in this ultimate episode of Reign? If the death of Mary seems inevitable , the series could also choose to offer us another alternative for her heroine. Mary could, for example, run away with Bash! Its execution would then be a terrible nightmare. While waiting to learn more about this Series Finale, we will meet you on Friday, April 28th to discover the episode 10 of the season 4 of Reign . And what do you expect from the Reign Series Final?