Rick and Morty : waiting for season 4, Rick was hungry and Morty pass the pot

Cinema 4 January, 2019






Somewhere in the multitude of galaxies, season 4 of Rick and Morty has already had to disclose its release date, but we have the right clip in full trip hallucinogen to make us wait.

Given the time it took between the release of season 2 and season 3, Rick and Morty, we didn’t know what to expect for season 4. And when we know as his signature has been complicated, it is understandable that the fans were able to believe for a while that the show would not continue.



It’s time to get Schwity


But all this is of the past because thanks to a clip of the strangest posted on the official Twitter account of Rick and Morty, a new hope to see the season 4 coming soon is born.

For the extract itself, the animation is quite simplistic and gives rise to an atmosphere of a surreal made up of small skits, fast, all built around a Rick who eats a Morty, with the background sound of a voice that is chanting ” Rick. Morty. Rick. Morty. Rick. Morty. Rick. Morty. “


Rick. Morty. Rick. Morty. Rick. Morty. pic.twitter.com/kQPqGVQ62m

— Rick and Morty (@RickandMorty) January 3, 2019


In one of the scenes, Rick is a kind of shark that eats a Morty-medusa helpless, another sees a Rick-hole-black aspire by gravitation a Morty-planet. And in the case where the clip would not have been enough explicit, the discussion focuses on the relationship of the dominant (and even abuse) that Rick has with his grandson Morty.

To answer one of the speculations of the fans, the preview still leaves an open door to Evil Morty (only exception parallel universe where bloom the sweet and simplets small Morty), presumed by some to be the main character of the series. Unfortunately, to find out if Evil Morty will play an important role in season 4 of Rick and Morty, he will still have to wait.


Evil Morty