Rihanna and Drake back together? Unexpected photos!

Entertainment 10 April, 2017

Are Drake and Rihanna together again? The two singers were both together this weekend!
Will Drake and Rihanna be on the road to reconciliation? The two stars have been around for several years and after months of rumors about them, the two singers formalized their relationship in August 2016. However, against all odds, the couple separated again only a few months later. If Drake has chained the adventures, Rihanna would have been enormously close to his other, very famous, ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Are they together or not? Mystery! Chris Brown would still be in love with Rihanna and made him a lovely statement recently . But the singer has competition because Drake also does not seem to have forgotten his ex-girlfriend .
After they broke up several months ago, it was not expected that Rihanna and Drake would spend their weekend together and yet … that’s exactly what happened this Sunday. The two former lovers were gathered at the same birthday party! But these reunion would have been accidental because the two singers were invited to the same party as can be seen by ICI but also ICI , but were obviously not aware that they would fall face to face. Have they spoken or reconciled? One thing is for sure, Rihanna and Drake did not seem to be very happy at this birthday party. Rihanna, who would send sextoys to Chris Brown , did not pay attention to his old guy. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the reconciliation of the singer and Drake, because it does not seem still actuality. And do you think Rihanna and Drake can still be reconciled?
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