Rihanna still loves Drake

Entertainment 21 April, 2017

If Drake is currently experiencing a difficult time, Rihanna is 100% supportive. Why ? Simply because she always has feelings for him!
Rihanna and Drake may have broken up, but that does not mean that the two stars were not friends . On the contrary, Rihanna and Drake always have affection for each other and constantly demonstrate that they support each other. If the Canadian rapper did not hesitate to call Rihanna de Reine or to claim that she deserved a Grammy for her album Anti , the singer is also present for her former boyfriend. Rihanna, who provoked the surprise at Coachella , is compassionate towards Drake and feels bad about him following the announcement of the amazing pregnancy of stripper Layla Lace and his accusations against the rapper. “Rihanna is embarrassed for Drake after hearing the news .”
If rumors said that Rihanna and Chris Brown were getting sextos , the singer would still have feelings for the Canadian rapper. “She will always have love for Drake, so the news still disturbed her.” Rihanna knows he can be a player but does not believe any of the accusations. , The source added. Layla Lace had an adventure with Drake and accused her of having cut the bridges after learning of her pregnancy . So, she revealed everything about Instagram . Is Drake really the father of the baby? Did he really stop responding to Layla Lace? The rapper could submit to a paternity test to clarify this story.