Riverdale: A new death will strike our heroes!

Cinema 11 April, 2017

It is official, one of the key characters of the series will not survive the next episodes of this season 1 of Riverdale!
It is THE little series that rises! We had a lot of hope when the CW announced that it would broadcast this adaptation of successful comics and frankly, the channel did not disappoint us. Last week, Riverdale’s episode 9 was aired and was still exposing new mysteries and secrets of the small town … Thursday night it looks like our heroes will try to forget the time of an evening their – Many – problems. But hey, we’re not fooled, we doubt that Jughead’s birthday happens without a hitch. Besides, this end of season 1 will not be any rest for our heroes. It’s official, a new death will come and strike Riverdale !
It was KJ Apa (Archie) and Luke Perry (Fred) themselves who spat out the song at the WonderCon. If the two actors remained very evasive, they could not help teaser a new death in the episodes to come. According to the first reports, this death will be very sudden but “deserved” . Is it possible that the murderer of Jason Blossom pays the high price? The list of potential victims is quite extensive when you see the mass of characters who have something to blame … So who will not survive this first season of Riverdale ? We are waiting for your predictions in comments! And do not forget, Riverdale is available on Netflix the day after its US release .