Riverdale: Archie was the real target of Jason’s killer? The WTF!

Cinema 16 April, 2017

What if Jason had died by accident in Riverdale? The killer would have merely confused him with Archie! This is the WTF theory!
You were told in our review of Riverdale’s episode 10 that Veronica was ready to do anything to break the truth . Not only does the girl want to investigate what Clifford Blossom hides but also about her own father. Could Hiram have murdered his enemy’s son? Only a few episodes of Season Finale of Riverdale , more and more secrets are revealed. If a rivalry between the Blossom and the Lodge actually seems to exist, it may be that Jason’s death is merely a coincidence . For Riverdale fans , a theory is becoming more and more popular. Jason would have been killed accidentally! Of course, Is not a revolver shot that left alone, things are much more complex in Riverdale . The aficionados of the series think that Jason would have been confused with Archie, who was the true target of the killer. Was the hero of Riverdale targeted? This is the WTF theory of the week!
The resemblance between Jason and Archie has been emphasized more than once in Riverdale and may be the key to the mystery surrounding the death of Cheryl’s brother. Some Internet users think that the killer had a mobile to murder the hero of the series either because of the affair of his father, his mysterious mother or simply following his connection with Miss Grundy. The big bad of Riverdale would thus have captured “Archie” for weeks, would have tortured it then killed except that … it was the bad roux. It must be admitted that the fact that Archie is the target would be a twist worthy of Riverdale and would completely change the investigation and the continuation of the show. However, it is doubtful whether the killer was so mistaken. In addition, Jason would probably have said countless times that he was not Archie. Not to mention that the two teenagers are alike but from there to completely confuse them … we doubt! Before you learn more, as of April 27 , find out why a death may hit our heroes in the upcoming Riverdale episodes. And you think Archie was the real target of the killer in Riverdale?