Riverdale: Episode 11, when will it be broadcast?

Cinema 21 April, 2017

Bad news, no new Riverdale chapter this week! When will Episode 11 of the series be shown?
Neither Gray’s Anatomy nor Riverdale … A very difficult week for all series fans! Especially as the next chapter of the CW show looks rather very – very heavy. Exit the fun and the hangover! After the little party for Jughead’s birthday in episode 10, Riverdale’s teens will have to get back to work … Yeah, there are still many mysteries to discover and a multitude of bodies to dig into the small Town of Archie and company. Unfortunately, we will have to show a little patience before discovering episode 11 … Meanwhile, we mate the video promo!
Do not panic, the series comes back very soon! It’s next Thursday that Riverdale episode 11 will air . A short break well deserved for the show of the CW which will be interested next week in the investigation of Polly. Betty’s sister will continue to play double agents at the Blossom and frankly, they are so scary that we wish her much courage! But the big moment of the next episode is of course the prom . What would a teen show be without this traditional high school event? We can not wait to see Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead put themselves on their 31 … Well, obviously this little party will not be that fun for our heroes.