Rohff on Instagram, his new video makes the buzz

Entertainment 22 April, 2017

While waiting for the new piece of Rohff with impatience, it is with a video posted on Instagram that the rapper makes the buzz at the moment.
In a few days, roh2f will finally make his big comeback with “Out of Control” , the first excerpt from the last album of his career, Supernatural . To make us wait while waiting for this ultimate opus, the rapper decided to create an account Instagram specially designed for the release of Supernatural . We can see roh2f teaser the arrival of the album of course, but also to address other subjects: his clash with Booba (who comes again to take the lead with La Fouine) , his holidays, He watches, the hospitals he visits to give strength to the sick …
On this famous video, we can see the rapper of the 94 being cut his hair. Except that at the time of filming, as pointed out by many internet users, there was not much to cut, see nothing, roh2f having the skull already shaved. The story does not say whether at first it came with a tuft of hair or not. Despite everything, some Twitter users did not hesitate to kindly mock the rapper, as you can see above. A rather funny video, which, if the album is good, will not prevent it from making platinum in three weeks like Lacrim with Force & Honor . What do you think of this Rohff video?