Sabrina : why the satanists want to drag the series on Netflix before the justice

Cinema 2 November, 2018






The new adventures of Sabrina is available on the platform watching Netflix for the past few days. And it’s not like the satanists.

Rather well received by the press and the public, the remake of the cult series of the 60’s, now part, as his show original, Riverdale, to the universe of Archie Comics, is focused thematically. The story embraces and truly the evolution of his young heroine at the heart of darkness, so that it follows the course of witchcraft.

And if we could imagine that lovers of magic and other occulteries would be thrilled to see doing to this point the pride of Satan, it would seem that the first annoyed by the whole thing to be satanists themselves.



For purposes of comparison…

— Lucien Greaves (@LucienGreaves) 30 October 2018


As explained Lucien Greaves, a co-founder of the Church, Satanist-American, in the columns of the San Francisco Chronicle, The new adventures of Sabrina would be guilty of theft pure and simple, since there would be a copy of the Baphomet on the premises of the cult satanist. The movement is all the more wound that he had ordered this statue (which is reminiscent of the Samael from Silent Hill) to the artist Mark Porter, four years ago.

As explained in Greaves, it must conduct this outrageous case before the court, in order to preserve the small heart that is sensitive to all the worshippers of Satan.

“We are obliged to claim for the copyright. It is our problem, in the sense that one is going to have to cope with an association, people will discover the two monuments without being able to guess which is the first. They could imagine that we have tried to plagiarize Sabrina to create our statue of Baphomet. And this undermines its significance. “

That would be unfortunate. Hope that Lucien Greaves is not interested too much in The Witch, it could be moved from the given image of satanism in this excellent film.


Poor Sabrina