Scandal Season 6: Could Jake be the one who killed SPOILER?

Cinema 7 February, 2017

Season 6 of Scandal has barely begun that a victim is already to be deplored. Can Jake Ballard be responsible for the death of this character? Warning, this article contains spoilers.
Season 6 Scandal began on hubcaps with a season premiere breath away. If you are up to date in the ABC series, you are not unaware that Francisco Vargas was shot dead, just minutes after being named the next President of the United States. Obviously, her death shook all Washington and forced Olivia Pope to reconsider her options. When Rowan was convinced that Cyrus Beene was behind it – to get the power – our chief gladiator has stopped at nothing to find overwhelming evidence against his former friend. While the episode 3 of season 6 of Scandal will be broadcast next Thursday in the United States, doubt still remains as to the guilt of Cyrus, who is now vying to become the next President. And if it was not Cyrus the culprit of the murder of Vargas?
As we know, the series of Shonda Rhimes never skimp on the surprises and reversals of the most unexpected situations – as we showed once again this season – and this would then not surprising that the identity of the perpetrator is Someone you have not thought of yet. The US website Entertainment Weekly has also an interesting theory about this, in which the culprit is none other than Jake Ballard . You are reminded that the latter is director of the NSA and that he was also supposed to become Vice-President if Mellie was elected. In the first episode of Season 6, Jake appeared angry, especially towards his wife, but he also disappeared just after the announcement of Francisco’s victory. Moreover, remember that Jake has always been under the influence of Rowan Pope and it is he who put Olivia Pope on the track of Cyrus. Is it to remove him from the truth and the true culprit?
Episode 2 of Season 6 Scandal has also reminded us of how Jake could be terrifying – it was he who convinced by some unknown means, the suspect confessed to the crime. The US site also believes that Charlie would be part of the conspiracy and that is why he suddenly mentions the existence of a new call on the FBI server. Could it be that the elders of B-613 still work for Papa Pope? This does not surprise us in any case, that Rowan is desperate to have a President “puppet” in which he can do what he wants. If this theory is not confirmed by Scott Foley, who plays Jake Ballard, one can not help but say that with Scandal anything is possible. Moreover, we should find out what happened to Jake on election night through flahsbacks, and maybe that will help us know if this theory is possible or not. What do you think of this theory?