SCH announces the release of the Russian Doll clip, the reason explained

Entertainment 25 April, 2017

SCH has released its new “Russian Doll” clip before removing it from its YouTube channel. On social networks, he explained the reason.
SCH is one of the most famous rappers in the world . Patience then, since his new album Deo Favente will be available on May 5 in the boxes and on the platforms streaming and legal download. In great form for his great return, the rapper has already released 4 excerpts: “6.45i” , “As Si” , “I wait” and the last “Russian Doll” . But while the clip of “Russian Doll” was put online last Friday, it was removed from the canvas a few hours later for honorable reasons , since the attack on the Champs-Elysees and which cost the life of A policeman.
In a message published on social networks, SCH wrote: “In this day of national mourning I am sorry to have to shift the release of my new clip (…) for reasons of ethics and respect for the Families of the victims. ” A nice gesture from the Marseilles, who will release his video this Wednesday April 26th at 6pm . In this new video made by the Loupville team, he plays the role of an intriguing character, who strips and makes suffer his victims before committing the irreparable. A scenario that is cold in the back and that is not very appropriate by the times that run. In the meantime, we made a list of the surprises we would like to see on the new album of SCH. What do you think of this decision?