SCH: Deo Favente, the surprises we’d like to see with this new album

Entertainment 19 April, 2017

Soon he will be back with Deo Favente, his new album, a little flourish of surprises that we would like to see in this opus.
Last year, SCH exploded the scores with his debut album, Anarchy . Having become one of the heads of posters of rap game made in France, he went back to work directly to release a new project. Result, barely 1 year after the release of Anarchie , here it is that returns the cover with Deo Favente, album that SCH has just announced. Planned for May 5, we have already discovered two excerpts: “As if” , which has made everyone agree, and “I wait” , which has not yet had the right to a clip. While 3 weeks now separate from the release of this new opus, what can we expect? Melty made a small list of the surprises we would like to see.
Well, already, the S surprised us by unveiling the tracklist of his new album. While it was thought that he could eventually make big feats, he who collaborated with quite a few people these days (Sadek, Rim’K, Niska, Lacrim …), finally, only one person had the honor to ask him: Lacrim (which perhaps will soon be feat with great international star) . For the rest of the songs, the rapper Marseille decided to play solo. Not surprising that it finally, because when we look at the tracklists of Anarchy or even A7 , his first mixtape, there was practically nobody featuring. Yes, SCH prefers to have all the place to express his talent.
It is also expected that he will make clips of sick man, as was the case with that of “Anarchy” where he was in a bloodbath , or as in that of “I know it” , where he was seen … with a white tiger. Finally, the story that the S is renewed a little, we would also like to hear about other prods than that of his beatmaker, DJ Kore , who practically made all the instrus of Anarchy . Lacrim, who was certified gold in a week with Force & Honor , had also become accustomed to working practically solely with DJ Kore. On his new opus, he decided to appeal to other guys, including DJ Belleck, Kore’s brother. Given the very good results of Force & Honor , we can not really say that it is detrimental to him. On the contrary … And you, what do you expect from the new album of SCH?