SCH: We listened to Deo Favente, here is our review of the album!

Entertainment 5 May, 2017

Almost a year after his debut album, SCH is back in bins with Deo Favente. We listened to this new project of the interpreter of Russian Doll, and here is our critic!
After having managed to make a place in the A7 of success, SCH created Anarchy, in 2016. And today it is back. Coming from Aubagne, Hurricane Sch is blowing again on French rap. Validated by his peers, the MC has just unveiled his second album. Baptized Deo Favente, this new opus of the one that we call “the S” or “Gotze” should not leave anyone indifferent. With his icy flow and his straight out of GTA Vice City, the interpreter of Comme Si has already proved himself in the game. In two years, the MC with the strange voice has managed to put its footprint on the French rap industry. So much anticipated, his album was listened to in the loop at the editorial office.
“Nothing I’m going to do, nothing that we do the world tour, nothing that I’m on the air ” with Deo Favente, SCH does not just sign his second solo in less than a year (note: The album Anarchy was released on May 27, 2016). With this style ” romanzo criminale” , SCH has democratized many things. SCH is a true representative of the new trend of long-haired city guys, and has returned to its basics on this new album. The tone is quickly given on “As if” , the first piece of his album. Dark and well written, the title plunges us quickly into the universe of SCH. When it comes to passing from the pen to the sheet, from paper to microphone, the MC impresses.
“I would be there, if I had your soul, I would be there, if I had your time, but I do not have one . ” This phase, however, demonstrates the existence of several levels of reading and writing at SCH. And this impression is confirmed at the end of the song “Nino Brown” : ” Open shirt, big chain, cervical pain. In my head, it bang bang, I will kill them later . All of a sudden, we are faced with the complexity of this melancholic and breusom character. But the best selection of SCH lyrics could not demonstrate, with perfection, their power and impact, due to lack of flow.
Between deep words and strong images, SCH takes us where he wants with his autotuned choruses a little chewed. Incisive and fast on the song Go and tell them, the flow of SCH is in “chill activated” mode on titles like “Day Date ” or “Ma Kush” . And thanks to well-chosen, not to say futuristic, productions, the 6.45i interpreter (the darkest clip of his career) transforms us into frenzied nods. The different beatmakers have made tailor-made for SCH, which undoubtedly helped him to let go like never before. Titles such as “Pas la paix” , “ça va (in feat with Lacrim)” or “Slow Mo”
“Thousand two up to 70 brooms, I prefer to open mouth open”, authentic and sincere, SCH is always. “My heart is bigger than your ego, I think to survive all these people yeah” . With Deo Favente, SCH shows a consistency and a verve above all our expectations. His album could have been released in 2018 or 2019, it would still have been in the era of time. And this may be the real victory of SCH: to impose its art on the long term, at the time when the rap is transformed oklm into fast-music. You can shoe the album of SCH, by ICI .