Season 3 of Stranger Things will be very different from the previous ones according to the young Noah Schnapp

Cinema 7 June, 2018






Surprise success of Netflix, Stranger Things is now entered in the manners, the series limit part of the furniture. And this may be the most perilous that it is going to have to negotiate when season 3 is coming.

Naturally, when one generates a phenomenon like that, we’re not going to let it go so easily. And the brothers Duffer have understood since, just the season 2 ended, that they were already in the preparation of the suite of Stranger Things. A season 3 that has not yet really release date on Netflix, but that is currently in production.


Noah Schnapp


Since the beginning, we are promised change, because after two seasons, the machine has a big risk of turning vacuum. It is for this reason that the new episodes will make a small leap in time since the season 3 will take place in mid-summer 1985. Good, it is also to manage the growth of its young actors, all struggling with the onset of puberty, thus not necessarily fitting in with what they were there for another 6 months.

And, the history of a bit of a change, the new storyline is expected to somewhat let go of the cluster to the family Byers, well buffeted from the beginning, even if we can expect any. In any case, Noah Schnapp, the interpreter Will Byers, has just declared to the microphone in the Hollywood Reporter that, indeed, there was to be change :


Who has lived through the 80s knows the horror that underlies this look


“This season will be really different, because it takes place in the middle of summer. Because of this, you can see a version a little different for each character. And it is awesome because of the sudden, this season contains a lot of dark moments of the season 2 and some moments of light in season 1.”

And it is true that this will change, as until now, the series takes place in the fall. But if the family Byers will have a little peace, the younger sister of Lucas, Erica, great revelation of the season 2, should have a more important role :




“Yes, it actually has a more important role in this season, and somehow it has its own history with one of the characters.”

A statement imprint of mystery, but which would suggest that the node drama could reach its level. Either way, it is hoped that they will not do anything with their baby, and that the brothers Duffer are well aware of the defects and the facilities are somewhat sealed season 2.