Selena Gomez and The Weeknd beat a new record together!

Entertainment 24 April, 2017

It was thought that Selena Gomez could not do better, well, we were wrong! With The Weeknd, she beats a new record. The couple does not stop!
Love is the rendezvous for Selena Gomez and The Weeknd! For several months, both celebrities live an incredible idyll and it is not ready to finish. At each of their appearances, the lovebirds appear more in love than ever. But here, according to several rumors, the first tensions between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd would appear . Obviously, you have to take this information with tweezers. What’s more, Abelena is the pair of records . In the space of a few days, the photo posted by the interpreter of “Same Old Love” on his account Instagram with his man broke the Internet … once again! Seli and Bella Hadid’s ex are ready to rule the entire planet together.
Nearly a week ago, Selena Gomez formalized her relationship with The Weeknd on Instagram. The lovers went to the Coachella festival together and they wanted to share this moment with their fans on social networks. We discover a Selena Gomez, happier than ever, in the arms of Abel Tesfaye. Within a few hours, the Queen of Insta has collected countless “like”. At the moment, the cliché was “loved” by 7,182,977 people , which is simply impressive. If Beyoncé, who should give birth from one minute to another , holds the most likelihood for the photo announcing her second pregnancy, Selena Gomez remains the Queen of Instagram. Basically, Seli beat his own record …