Selena Gomez leaner than ever, her fans are worried!

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

The health of Selena Gomez worries more and more his fans. The singer was also seen very emaciated on a new photo …
In recent months have not been easy for Selena Gomez . If the celebrity launches Revival Tour in style earlier this year and, to the delight of his fans, it also faces health concerns. As you probably already know, the singer is suffering from lupus, a rare disease caused by the dysregulation of the immune system. Tired, the artist has no choice but to stop his tour to rest. It therefore deserted the web like many other stars to the chagrin of his Selenators . But more determined than ever, Selly made a remarkable return and welcomed at the ceremony of the American Music Awards in 2016 . But despite this nice comeback, the health status of the young woman of 24 years continues to be very worrying. It testifies this very last picture on which it appears leaner than ever ….
Yet Selena Gomez string of new projects. Between his return to the studio and its collaboration with the brand Coach , the artist is at the top. Nevertheless, it seems to be still very fragile. So her fans wonder: Did not she leave her rest center too soon? Because it is very emaciated that the interpreter of “Hands To Myself” has recently been spotted. Taking the pose with one of her Selenators, the singer did not fail to react … The reason? She seems to have lost a lot of weight since his return from rehab . Dressed in all simplicity of a sweater and jeans, Selena Gomez hardly reassure his fans. His clothes reveal a very refined body – his thighs in particular – and a leanness that preoccupies enormously. Moreover, many admirers of the star to be alarmed on the social networks. Still, Selly keeps smiling. What some comfort … And you, are you worried about Selena Gomez?