Sense8, Friends, Downton Abbey: The binge-watcher cult series during the holidays!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

It’s Christmas and you do not know what to look at since your favorite series are in hiatus? Do not worry, we thought of everything!
It is the Christmas period, the time when we often have the time and the desire to land under a plaid with a good hot chocolate in front of a good series. Unfortunately, it is also the period when the series are paused and we find ourselves without knowing what to look at. But do not panic, there are always plenty of solutions! Like revisiting the episodes of his favorite series, or taking advantage of them to discover those that went out this year and to which we have not yet had time to take a look. Moreover, you can already discover our selection of the best Christmas episodes with Newport Beach, Community, This is Us is full of others. The editorial of melty then offers a small selection of new and older series to occupy your holiday parties . For the occasion, we present you series of completely different genres with common themes: family, group cohesion, the desire to be together.
Comedies “doudou” to feel good
A Christmas if you are looking for some comfort, we can not strongly advise you to dive back into the universe of the cult comedy of the 90s, Friends . With 10 seasons, you’ll have plenty to keep your days busy. Moreover, there is nothing better than a series “security blanket” to spend the holidays of years that can sometimes be synonymous with stress. Besides Friends contains several Christmas episodes that might be able to put you in the mood but you will laugh hits . In a genre a little different, it offers Modern Family . One thus passes friends to the family, while remaining in the spirit of communion. Again, there is a series “feel good” , which, too, has staged several Christmas episodes and we still remember how the family account.
Family dramas to comfort you (if, if, promised)
For those who prefer dramatic series, we also thought of you with a selection of three series. Firstly we suggest you immerse yourself in the stories of the Braverman family discovering or rediscovering the series Parenthood . This well-written family drama is exactly what you need if you need comfort and look for a series in which to dive. Be careful, you’ll have to wear handkerchiefs! One remains in the theme of the family, but the plot moves in a noble English family in 1912 … We obviously talking about Downton Abbey , the British series that ended last year. Family conflicts, shenanigans and Maggie Smith are on the program of this series as humorous as it is touching.
If you like the vintage series, Downton Abbey is the perfect show to spend Christmas, thanks to its Christmas Special which were broadcast each year on 25 December. The third series that offers between also in the category “feel good” and it’s Gilmore Girls , the series of Amy Sherman-Palladino who is back this year on Netflix. What better way to immerse yourself in an idyllic and engaging universe to finish 2016 on a slightly more positive note? The Gilmore girls will make you feel good in your day – well they will also make you want to pizza, burgers, pancakes and other refined dishes, but that’s for the good cause!
Series that will transport you
Finally, for those who would be more in the search for series with a mystery, paranormal events, know that you have not been forgotten! In our hood, we put Stranger Things , Netflix event series that is talked about throughout the summer and in which there are four children in the heart of the plot. Exciting, intriguing but also touching, Stranger Things pays tribute to the 80s with an original story and the mystery which impels us to link the episodes at breakneck speed. The other series of its kind that has offered you is none other than sense8 – yes, even Netflix – the Wachowski sisters series that tells the stories of eight people related to each other. Indeed, before its season 2 comes out, the series offers its fans a special episode for Christmas which is available since Friday December 23 on Netflix. It is an opportunity to discover the series or to remake the season 1, to be totally in the bath to enjoy the Christmas Special.
Obviously, there are a whole bunch of other series that you can watch in this period, starting with your favorite series. We hope that this small selection will give you ideas on what to look during the holidays! And for a little more reading, do not hesitate to find our article about the characters of series that left us in 2016, including Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Originals, and many others! What series will you watch at the end of the year?