Shadowhunters Season 2: Clace, Valentin, Sebastian … 5 questions we ask about the sequel!

Cinema 10 April, 2017

While Shadowhunters’ sequel 2 will not air until June 5th, here are 5 questions we ask about the next episodes!
The wait is long! And yes the meltynauts, following the second season of Shadowhunters is awfully awaiting for the fans of the first hour. Especially as the final mid-season ended on the upset leaving us with intense questions about the next episodes . Between Jace’s revelation, Simon’s transformation into a day vampire, the dispute between Raphael and Isabelle and much more, June 5th has never seemed so far and we are eager to get all the answers to the questions Left in suspense. While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover the confidences of the showrunner concerning the Malec couple in season 2 of Shadowhunters
Will the couple Clace get back together?
Even though we knew that these two were not really brothers and sisters, this does not prevent us from seeing this revelation much to our liking. And now that Jace knows the truth, there is no doubt that he will eventually reveal everything to Clary. And how will she react when she learns that the one she was in love has no kinship with her? If her relationship with Simon is adorable, one must not be a genius to know that she still feels strong feelings for Jace . It is therefore towards an intense love triangle that we are heading for this second part of the season and we are eager to know the choice that our heroine will make.
Can we trust Dot?
In the first season, the witch was presented to us as one of the close friends of the Fray family. So we had no reason to doubt her, but after her abduction and all these months spent with Valentin, things are very different. Especially since the young woman has often put Clary on the wrong path by then accusing the experiments that made him suffer Valentin to be responsible for his behavior . But is that the only reason? After all this time, she could have sworn fidelity and loyalty to the Big Bad. It was still she who made Jace believe that he was able to break the Mortal Sword. So what camp is she really in? We are eager to discover it on Freeform .
Will Sebastian revolutionize the intrigues?
If you are familiar with books, you know that this young man is nothing like an angel and that he may well surpass Valentine’s level of cruelty. There is almost no doubt that it was he who stole the Deadly Sword at the end of the final mid-season. Interviewed by Will Tudor, Sebastian will make his appearance on the return of the show and his meeting with Clary should offer us a lot of twists and turns . Knowing the temperament of the character, we are persuaded that his arrival should renew the intrigues as never before. Will he sow trouble among our heroes? Come on, we are still waiting a few weeks to get the heart clear!
Will Valentine stay in prison?
After having often been ahead of everyone, even managing to disrupt our fetish characters with explosive revelations, Valentin has now been arrested. But will the villain really remain imprisoned? Henceforth retained by the Enclave, we bet he has more than one trick in his bag and that he is quite capable of finding allies of size to regain his freedom. We think first of Iris who could use his powers to help him in exchange for his reunion with little Madzie . In any case, intelligent as it is, Valentin should not let himself be slaughtered so easily. We can not wait to see him take action!
Can Isabelle forgive Raphael?
If there is a story that we did not see coming, it is theirs and yet, their alchemy was simply wonderful. In spite of everything, Raphael preferred to lie to him rather to be honest and even when he confided to him that he was a sexless being, the young woman decided never to have to do to him. But can their lovely relationship really end? We have a hard time believing it all the more as the lady is still addicted to vampire venom . Does Raphael still have a chance to be forgiven? We will see ! Waiting for more info, discover our review of episode 10 of season 2 of Shadowhunters on melty. Are you eager to see Jace confess the truth to Clary?