Shadowhunters season 2: Episode 14, the end of the couple Climon? Our critic!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

While Shadowhunters’ Season 2 Episode 14 was aired recently on Freeform, let’s get back to the main events of “The Fair Folk”!
An intense episode! Yes, the meltynauts, if the real objective of this second part of the season struggles to emerge, the relations between the characters intensify offering us scenes efficient and well orchestrated. While Melty’s review of Shadowhunters’ episode 13 episode 13 , let’s review the main events of The Fair Folk recently released on Freeform . And the least we can say is that the journey of Jace, Clary and Simon to the country of fairies has not been easy. Indeed, nothing happened as planned and while we thought that our heroine was quite sure of his choice concerning Simon, The queen of fairies opened her eyes in no time sowing trouble in her love life. Confronted with a terrible choice-that of embracing the boy she most desired-Clary had to go to the evidence and lay a kiss on Jace’s lips in order to free the two men of her life from the grip Of the fairy. A kiss far from brief and which has even turned into a passionate embrace under Simon’s dejected eyes .
It’s hard to see how Clary can catch up with the man who became his boyfriend. She was under the effect of a spell, so it is hard to imagine how she can explain her gesture and the fact that it is towards Jace that she is most attracted if she is bound to tell the truth. To all fans of the Climon couple, get ready because it smells extremely bad . Meanwhile, Isabelle was afraid of her mother’s arrival at the institute. The relationship between the girl and her mother has always been very confrontational and her recent descent into hell because of the vampire venom does not reassure her. How will her mother react when she learns the news? Always present for her, Sebastian will be able to reassure her and it ‘ Is finally an open-hearted conversation that will allow mother and daughter to reconcile once and for all. However, Sebastian seems to see his cover crumble especially when he made sure to discourage Raphael.
Great fans of the complicity that unites Isabelle and Raphael, we are very disappointed to see that Sebastian managed to convince the vampire that it was bad for the young woman in such a short time. Let’s bet that the story is not over yet. For his part, Alec did what he wanted to do by organizing a meeting with a representative from each Downworlder clan. If this gesture is entirely honorable, it creates a new distance between Magnus and himself . Indeed, Alec persists in putting the wizard aside hurting his lover each day a little more. Is he going to lose it? Finally, Sebastian finally showed his true face at the end of the episode and he was absolutely terrifying. Will Turner is excellent in his role and his arrival has shattered things with flying colors. While waiting on July 10th, do not forget to vote every day so that your favorite show can win the 2017 World Cup on melty . What did you think of this new episode?