Shameless US Season 7: Episode 10, between reunion and reconciliation, our criticism

Cinema 6 December, 2016

Last night, the US channel Showtime aired episode 10 of Season 7 Shameless US. Then discover our critique of “Ride or Die” and the promo video of the next episode.

shameless-us-saison-7-poster-frank-fionaThe emotion and the drama continues to be at the rendezvous in Season 7 Shameless US and this week’s episode is still very good. The big event “Ride or Die” obviously concerns Ian, since Mickey escaped from prison at the end of episode 9 of season 7 Shameless US . As if waiting Mickey contacts Ian and if it goes long hesitation on what he should do vis-à-vis her ex, Ian will finally take an unexpected decision. From the start, Trevor is not very comfortable with Mickey possible return in the life of Ian and he is right because only the two former have laid eyes on each other as the flame was rekindled. Shippers of Gallavich had to bless this episode because the writers have well paid tribute to the couple. Mickey wants to hit the road with Ian and despite the feelings he starts having to Trevor and his discussion with Fiona, Ian will accept! If on one hand we are happy for the couple, one can not help thinking that Ian puts up all he had managed to build and there is concern already for its health.
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Ian chose to go with Mickey!
This is the episode dilemmas for Gallagher because if Ian has to choose between his heart and his reason, it is the same for Fiona. While the laundromat beginning to have some success and make a little profit, Margo made a proposal to Fiona to redeem. The elder Gallagher then a little lost, because it is his “baby” and thanks to that Etta was able to keep his apartment and Debbie has a job that allows him to keep Franny. If Fiona resisted for a while, Margo finally make her an offer she can not refuse – and you understand it . Fiona grew up with no money and such an offer can finally bring her some security that she has never known before. Hopefully the two sisters, who have reconciled, will not compete in it. The character of Fiona offered even offered us beautiful scenes this week. We obviously one with Ian where she tells him she is proud of him. But it is mainly those they share with Etta Vee and with which we will retain. Indeed, Fiona and Veronica finally reconciled in this episode and it feels really good to see them together.
Speaking of Veronica, the “trouple” appears officially over. Discovering that Svetlana had lied to them, Kev and Veronica felt betrayed. If Kev is afraid for his job, Vee has really heart broken because she had feelings for Svetlana . Although we knew “trouple” might not last, but it is sad to see the couple shot so. As for Lip, this episode was a living hell, worthy of his father. It took he finds himself drunk with his old teacher so that he understands that he could not go on. He then went to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and hopefully this time it will stick to it. Once again, Shameless US brought into the “right way” one of Gallagher while another wanders … Next week, Showtime will air the penultimate episode of Season 7 Shameless US and if one believes the promo video, that already promises to be great no matter what! What did you think of this episode?