Shameless US Season 7: Episode 6, problems in Gallagher, our criticism

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Last night, the US channel Showtime aired episode 6 of season 7 Shameless US. Then discover our critique of “The Defenestration of Frank” and the promo video of the next episode.

shameless-us-saison-6-poster-gallagher-fionaBetween Fiona and the other members of the Gallagher family is a little “I love you me either” right now. The young woman, determined to live for it, sometimes selfish behavior that is not accustomed to find in his character and this led to a new confrontation with Lip. In this new episode of Season 7 Shameless US , Fiona decides to invest in the laundromat held by Etta in the buying. A risky operation when one knows that his business is not the most flourishing, but nothing seems to stop Fiona, not even his brother’s words. This dispute between Lip and Fiona is all the more surprising that they shared a very nice stage with Ian who reminded us of the first seasons . Once again, Fiona has a selfish fact that it goes back to his own family and his lack of involvement will lead to what Carl did not start the party he had been promised.

Meanwhile, Debbie lives at Sierra and Neil, determined to marry the latter so that she and the baby are maintained and that the social worker does not withdraw his child. Everyone is opposed to this idea – for different reasons – but nobody dares to tell him in the face. However, as has been noticed for several episodes, Debbie does as her head and she wants to go through with his idea. But for that, she should seek agreement with one of its keepers because it is still a minor. Against all odds, it was Frank who will refuse and Fiona will accept. This gesture will he allow it to bring back his little sister? If it’s hard to follow the choices made by Debbie since last season, we really would like to see the sisters reconcile for good.

For its part, Lip began to hack the company server for which he works to transfer funds directly into his account, but that soon fell apart. What will Lip now that the startup is closed? Moreover, Lip has had to clear some things about her relationship with Sierra afraid it became too serious between them. True Lip tends to start in extremely complicated and serious relationships he would at all costs to avoid this becoming serious too fast. As for Frank, it looks like a good Samaritan since the beginning of the season, we realized in this episode that blanketed everyone keeping a lot of money for him. His secret was drilled to date and he was sacked – rather finally thrown out the window. – The refuge he has set up a few episodes earlier What will he do now? Will he go crying to his children?

Carl went to the Ecole Militaire, so we risk not too see his character in upcoming episodes. And if he was afraid of being harassed on his arrival, he quickly set the record straight with the other students … Finally, we made a discovery more shocking about Svetlana: Yvon is not his father ! but her Russian husband Kev and Veronica are not very well take the news – even though it’s still less horrible to imagine that she slept with his father – and one wonders how this will affect our “trouple” . In the promotional video of episode 7 of Season 7 Shameless US , which will air next week, we can see that Fiona will be plenty of problems with his new investment. She will end up regretting his decision? As for Frank, it will be determined to avenge the other homeless people who got rid of him. What did you think of this episode?