Shameless US Season 7: Episode 8, she will lose custody of Debbie Franny? our criticism

Cinema 21 November, 2016

Last night, the US channel Showtime aired episode 8 of Season 7 Shameless US. Then discover our criticism of “You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?” And the promo video of the next.

shameless-us-saison-7-debbie-gallagher-bebeThis week, Season 7 Shameless US offered a particularly strong and upsetting episode, probably the best season yet. Let’s start this review by returning to the plot of Fiona. At the end of the last episode of Shameless US , Fiona finally decided to keep the laundromat and this comes with its share of work and problems. Besides having to monitor Etta, who embarked on a shopping spree, she has to take care of all problems in the area, starting with the tiles. Admittedly, our ultra Fiona is motivated, but the scenes that we preferred are those with Kev. It has doubts about his “trouple” , notably because it does not trust with Svetlana and he is turning to his lifelong friend, Fiona. It’s so good to see them meet, particularly because it has allowed the two characters to be brutally honest about their feelings . We discover that Veronica lack much to Fiona, but that it does not trust him too Svetlana reminds his father.
The episode ends quite well for Fiona anyway, especially as Kev promised the people of Alibi they could drink for free if they were to help laundromat. And the most surprising in all this? Frank came to help. Yes, Frank Gallagher! Meanwhile, Lip had to go to his hearing at the university and despite an honest discourse on his part and the support of Ian and Professor Youens, the university refuses to lift its return. As might be in undoubtedly, Lip badly the new cash and he will do what he does best: sabotage the couple’s relationship . It is clear now that Lip begins to develop real feelings for Sierra, and this seems mutual. However, it has a rather complicated life with the father of her son, Charlie, and Lip will not fix things. While Charlie comes to apologize for his behavior the last time he kept the small, Lip loses his cool and takes physical with him. Sierra, who’ve not another addict in his life, broke with Lip. How will he Lip recover from all the bad news? Will it stop a day of self-sabotage?
Finally, Debbie has certainly made the biggest mistake of these episodes by insisting that the family of Derek met Franny. She would like Tanya and her mother say to the social worker that she is a good mother and that she can care for her daughter, but it goes very wrong. The beginning that the two women when we feel are not very honest, especially when they are pictures of Debbie Franny by cutting the frame to send to Derek. In the end, they took the opportunity to return home when Debbie was Neil absent to take the baby. Debbie is she losing Debbie? In a battle for custody of the child, Debbie could she win? Anyway, it was hard not to feel bad for Debbie because it certainly happens the thing that every parent dreads: losing her child. How will the Gallagher clan react to this news? Well, know that a family member will do anything to help Debbie and this is Monica. Yes, you read right, Monica will be back in the next episode of Season 7 Shameless US , as you can see in the promo video above. Moreover, Kev, Veronica and Svetlana go to therapy. Does it suffice to solve their problems? What did you think of this episode?