Shooting and historical truth: small anecdotes about the movie “300”

Cinema 3 March, 2017

First information: yes, they were really in pants. Seriously, there are other nice things to know about this slap we took at the time.
Nearly ten years to the day. The film was released in France on March 21, 2007, and yeah! We had made an appointment in ten years, but better to be ahead than to be late. In short, to celebrate this, here are some anecdotes about the film of Zack Snyder, adapted from comic Frank Miller. Your next evening, you can do a little “Did you know?” Special 300, to tell you a little . If we do not lather ourselves, who is going to do it eh?
Normally, all Spartans wore a feathered helmet …
… And not only their leader, in this case King Leonidas, interpreted by Gerard Butler. Why should we depart from facts and history? Simply to make the protagonist easier to identify , especially during (many) combat scenes. So the director Zack Snyder found this technique as simple as it was effective. Come on, it’s a good reason.
The actors followed a sacred program to be also stock
Even if you’re part of the so-called sportsmen, typing your abs and, or, pumps every morning, going to run regularly, going on a bike ride on weekends, dropping, you’re away. The actors had to train four hours a day for seven months (6h even for Butler), under the direction of a physical trainer, without any day’s rest. And food level, misery … Michael Fassbender reported that he ate only almonds and fresh cheese curd.
Respect for land and animals
Okay, ok, I’m expanding the line but frankly, we can emphasize the efforts made . Instead of producing more kilos of plastic to create the weapons, the producers have recovered a good part of the films “Alexander” and “Troy”. As for the animals, no horse was injured or maltreated during the film.
From taf level costume, mine of nothing
One could have believed the opposite, to see the guys walking in panties and three times nothing on the body. Wrong! Leonidas owned 17 helmets , Xerxes 33 facial decorations, and overall, there was a team of more than 60 people who worked full time to create more than 600 costumes, necessary from the beginning to the end of the film.
An efficient shoot
In two months it was torched. But not like you and me when we do the dishes, eh. Not the quick done wrong. Did you see the end result? Clean . And all that in 60 days. This allowed to limit the costs and only clicked $ 69M. Another rare fact, the shooting was chronological, in the order of scenes and history.
The Spartan women really let go of this sentence …
“Come back with their shield .” Either, “Come back with their shield, or on yours” , in VF (I know you understand, I just have to do it, take it personally). This is the sentence pronounced by the Queen when Leonidas goes to confront the Persians , and it corresponds exactly to that of the Spartan women when they saw their husband and son going to fight. Basically, slash them and bring back their shield, or come back on yours. For the man killed with dignity in battle was brought back on his shield by his comrades.
Spartans are the real first hipsters
If you look good, only Astinos does not wear the beard. All the others are not shaved up close like him, completely beardless limit. And that’s normal, because shaving in the Spartans was a dishonor . Only an extreme case justified him: to be in mourning.
If your parents call you Ephialtes, it is because they do not love you too much
Just by referring to the film already, you are not super happy. To be compared to a hunchback with hardly engaging face, a scraping off, no thank you. And when you dig a little, you learn that it means “nightmare” . And in Greece, Ephialtes rhymes with traitor. Truthful. So, you want to see him again?