So eggs, these series of secondary characters deserve a tribute

Cinema 7 December, 2016

A simple base “stooge” of the protagonist, some characters tear so you got end up thinking that the series would be nothing without them.

Andy Botwin in “Weeds”
It must be confessed, the series ends up going in circles and its plot does not take you in suspense as at the beginning. Delirium is running out of steam. Except Andy! Yet the brother-in-law Nancy enquille the spliffs and sockets, to the US. Eternal teenager, smoking, flirty and inveterate unemployed, it is no less great . When you see Shane and Silas, do you want an uncle like him. Not just to bullshit, also to explain things, to help you, not judge you or depress you. And yeah, Andy grows up and matures in As. Surely the personal that takes the most thick.
Charlie Runkle in “Californication”
Agent dedicated to the writer Hank Moody, Charlie does not spare his sentence. He works like a dog to find him contracts, projects, and cover its excesses. And above all, he accompanies his bitures and crappy plans. In addition, you feel that he tries to resist, to be reasonable, he would like to stay right … but he ends up getting engrainer every time. Too nice, too low. Really funny. Well, after when you see his relationship with his girlfriend (Marcy), you realize that it still lacks a box to small bald.
Serge mytho in the “Blocked”
According to one count, Sergio only appears in nine episodes of one hundred and twenty. It’s nothing. Yet he impressed people. Whenever an episode was dedicated to him, you typed the bar and talking to you all your buddies . It was THE thing to watch. A basic monologue wacky, absurd, which left too far and based on mythos as you has ever heard, you regaled you for 3/4 minutes. The proof, it was downright its spin-off from the end of “Blocked”.
Saul Goodman in “Breaking Bad”
Probably the most lawyer borderline and most delusional that exists. A small side Charlie Runkle has become embroiled in situations that pinball, manage somehow because he wants to live up; and another the mytho Serge for his ability to tell stories in total improvisation when to get out by eloquence. His legendary slogan, accompanied by his smile colgate of hustler, became a gimmick and the name of the spin-off dedicated to him : “Better call Saul!”
Barney Stinson in “How I Met Your Mother”
Yes, his presence shocks. For in the minds of all, Barney, this is the best character of “HYMYM”. This is the basis. Without him, we would have dropped well before the end. Still at the beginning, it’s a second-rate guy in history. Story told by Ted, seeking his wife and tells his kids how he has picked. Just read the title of the series, proof if any. In the end, Ted was friendly but could never take the series without the “legen-dary” Barney.
Ari Gold in “Entourage”
Another guy paid for décarcasser while the star benefits. Agent of actor Vincent Chase, Ari Gold is stoned to negotiate better contracts foal and makes the network like a pig. This is important networking. Still hanging on the phone, who is nicknamed “The Shark” makes you laugh, certainly more than if you croisais it true . Sexist, racist, complete asshole in general, it has everything to annoy. And that’s what tears. What is the one who has done most laugh?