Some scientific anecdotes to go out to make the expert during these films

Cinema 18 April, 2017

Flagrant dumpling for directors who have torn on details. What to make hallucinate the (real) scientists and give you the opportunity to shine a little.

If you like to make the guy who shoots and get out of “Did you know”, it’s ideal. Basically, we all know that science fiction films do not 100% respect the scientific foundations, that they sort out a little with reality to give us full eyes. Meanwhile, you can still say that you are not fooled and recall the facts. And if it allows you to impress buddies or a target in passing, bah much better.
Star Trek: Into darkness
No need to turn around the pot for chandeliers. We see the ships break their mouths at a brisk pace, it’s spectacular. Except that given the distance from the earth, the fall should be much slower .
2001 the odyssey of space
Rather well done, Kubrick’s film has nonetheless neglected certain aspects. First thing: because of the proximity between the ship and the moon, the latter should be much larger . Second gap: the guy who makes his jogging tranquillou. Normally it should be propelled against the walls.
Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi
To increase the dramatic intensity, you are made to believe that if the guys lose their helmet, they die directly. Gender, if there is a stupid accident, a debris that breaks the glass in Carglass mode (of the size “of a coin of 2 € and craaaac …”), or a guy too relaxing who wants to put his helmet to smoke a cigarette. Absolutely , he could, his skull would not explode instantly as we are led to believe .
The guardians of the galaxy
The guy who holds his breath, normal, to keep the oxygen that remains to him and manage a return in the ship. Mouai. Already, not breathing remains rather difficult, even if you have to wait and find a new source of oxygen. After 15 seconds, he should have fallen into the vapes . And aaaaa admit that he is there, it would be damn bad when he arrives in the ship. Gender critical condition and probable death within the next few minutes.
We all kiffé this film that put us a slap. Another film by Christopher Nolan that shakes you up and makes you think. And a Matthew McConaughay more and more impressive. But, because there is always a but, we still have to take note of the small defects. When Cooper gets sucked into the black hole, the logical end would be that it turns into spaghetti . Because the black hole of a stellar mass can affect the water and make it a huge wave, Cooper’s little body, let me say it does not make the weight.
Other delirium where they touch a little: when Cooper has the idea of ​​using the black hole to gain speed, ok, but how to slow down after, for a safe landing? Remember The Hate Guys.
The Treasure Planet
Animated film sympa, still a Disney of good invoice as one could say between experts in cinema. With the pipe, the blazer and all the mess. Small criticism : to make believe to the kids that a boat can come out of a black hole by operating all the reactors, it’s not nice . A plane, maybe. A boat, no.
Well, that’s a classic that applies to all movies that take place in space, to tell the truth. You hear George What Else Clooney type the talk, explosions, clashes … Except that in space there is no air. No atmosphere. So no sound, no noise .
Star Wars (all, mix)
Same in Star Wars when you see the Black Star exploding and making a sound of egg. Bah no, still no sound. And the same conclusion for laser battons . We agree, it’s a shame, it would be con not to hear this noise. Now that we’ve got used to it and we want to do it, we can not go back.
Let’s talk about the ships now. The chase-pursuits and maneuvers are eggs, it’s so beautiful! But we always come back to the same problem: there is no air in space. So no resistance, and no help to direct the ships . They would need reactors everywhere to change the direction of movement. As well as a way to slow down!
The fifth element
When Corben gets stretched out, to save his buttocks from a very fat explosion, and all is false. Already because there is no oxygen in space. This means there would be no combustion. So no fire, no flames, no explosion . The stuff would disintegrate, yes, but in the biggest calm. Finally, save the debris that would fall on the mouth of Corben, which is not supposed to go faster than objects falling without resistance.
Superman (1978)
Traveling in space takes months, years. For example, to reach Pluto of the Earth, it takes nine and a half years. So when Superman lands, he should be much older . There he is still a kid, rather unlikely seen where he comes from! Unless it has gone through a hole or travel faster than light …
Alone on Mars
The fact that there are storms on Mars is well and truly authentic. But they do not reach the same speeds as here. A maximum of 96 km / h. Nothing crazy, able to snatch everything like in the film . Another detail: the gravity is 62% lower than that on Earth, so our approach would be different.
Mars Attacks
Last delirium to emphasize, although it is known and that it will not allow you to flame! You should even pass for a con to say it seriously, so avoid. We do not know if extraterrestrials exist. On Mars, or elsewhere. Water yes, since there is a north and south pole covered with ice. But beings, no. We’ll see. Who will try a bluff to shine?