Spider-Man Homecoming: The Avengers Tower is displayed on a new poster of the film

Cinema 18 June, 2017

A new poster of Spider-Man: Homecoming has just been unveiled. And we see our superhero jumping in the air with, in the background, a very recognizable tower!
Ah, put on the costume, play the heroes. Join the Avengers and fight crime alongside them! It is THERE, the ambition of Peter Parker. As Tom Holland has taught us when he explained how Spider-Man: Homecoming differed from previous films , our hero has only one desire: to be worthy of integrating the famous group and helping them to rule Order and justice. It must be said that he was rather enthusiastic during this famous battle between the two camps divided Avengers in Captain America: Civil War . So, well, we’re not surprised to learn that all the risks that he takes – or that he is going to take – are supposed to allow him to prove himself. And to show that he too cares about the welfare and protection of his fellow citizens.
First, this poster is likely to be less controversial than the previous one, photoshoped to death, and which raised the critics of the fans on all the canvas. At least, here we see our favorite Spidey doing what one might consider to be his trademark: jump in the air and propel himself through his spider web! In the background and in a beautifully stylized design, we find the city of New York with its highly recognizable Empire State Building and casually slipped among the buildings, the curved tower of the Avengers . And then, of course, there is the striking presence of Tony Stark, who will perhaps reserve some surprises in Spider-Man: Homecoming , flying in concert with our young hero. Directed by Matt Ferguson , this poster with a rather minimalist drawing reminds us a bit of the old comic story about the weaver. And that’s no worse! How do you find this new poster?