Spider-Man Homecoming: The new Iron Man armor unveiled!

Cinema 26 April, 2017

Spider-Man will not be the only one to wear a new suit in Spider-Man Homecoming. Iron Man will also have a new armor, and here’s what it will look like.
More than two and a half months before discovering the solo adventures of our new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland ! The latter had made an excellent impression in Captain America 3: Civil War and his return is therefore highly anticipated . But despite its rather successful debut, our spider-man still has a lot to learn before joining the Avengers for good. Fortunately, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, will be there to help! We saw him in the different trailers, Iron Man will develop a true mentoring relationship with Spider-Man and he will teach him all the tricks of the superhero craft. But not only ! Iron Man will also be a great help to him in his costume. It is indeed he who will create the new costume of Spider-Man, whose secrets have been unveiled , and it looks rather stylish! But our spider-man will not be the only one wearing a new costume. Iron Man is also going to have the right to his little makeover and we have new insight into his new armor and some details about his abilities.
The Iron Man costume takes the edge of every new movie in which it appears, but it offers a design that is truly different from the previous previews. Indeed, if the red and the golden are still current, a big silver part comes to take the top and change radically the style of the armor . As for its new features, this model has the same weapons as its predecessor, the Mark XLVI, but in much more powerful! Afterwards, nothing tells us that there will be no new gadgets in addition that we will only discover when the film is released. The technology being supposed to be very present in Spider-Man Homecoming , it would be amazing that Iron Man does not use it for himself. Let’s hope, however, that he does not steal the show too much from our dear Tom Holland who, according to Anthony Mackie (The Falcon), is the best Spider-Man so far! And you, what do you think of this armor?