Spider-Man Homecoming: The presence of the Daily Bugle in the confirmed film!

Cinema 12 April, 2017

Will Peter Parker’s famous comic newspaper be part of his new adventure? Apparently yes !
Finally ! After years of waiting, Spider-Man joined the MCU. He made his debut last year in Captain America 3: Civil War and so we’re looking forward to seeing him in his own solo film, Spider-Man Homecoming . For what is cool with this new Spider-Man is that it will be different from the previous ones, with new characters, a new timeline, a more high-tech costume that reveals all the secrets and a new villain, Aka Vulture. That the fans are reassured, we will also find quite a lot of the world of the spider-man as we know it. Already, we can count on Aunt May, although she will be much younger in this version, embodied by Marisa Tomei . And today, The presence of another element peculiar to Peter Parker has been confirmed: the Daily Bugle ! Yes, the famous newspaper for which Peter Parker works after his studies and where his main mission is to photograph the man-spider. Practice, when it is none other than himself.
A fake newspaper, called the Daily Bugle, was indeed presented at an event devoted to Spider-Man: Homecoming in Tokyo. Does that mean that Peter Parker will work for the Daily Bugle in Spider-Man Homecoming? Hard to believe, knowing that he is supposed to be 15/16 years old. After that, nothing prevents him from publishing a few articles from time to time, to make a little pocket money. Or is it just a small reference story to teaser us his future, in the aftermath of his adventures? While waiting for the end of the story on July 12, discover the new trailer aired two weeks ago, with a visibly angry Iron Man against Spider-Man!