Spider-Man Homecoming: The technology very present in the film?

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Will technology be at the heart of Spider-Man Homecoming? This is what Tom Holland seems to have explained at the CES in Las Vegas.
Several days ago there was the CES of Las Vegas. During this exhibition dedicated to new technologies, Tom Holland came for a ride to approach that which will be present in Spider-Man Homecoming (including a new trailer in 8-bit full of Easter Eggs was unveiled) . Because in case you forgot it, Peter Parker is a great high-tech fan as well as his best friend in this new reboot of the spider-man adventures. The actor has said “My best friend in Spider-Man Homecoming, Ned Leeds is a big gamer. He and I look through a Dell Inspiron new costume in the film” . Behind this little advertising for the builder, Tom Holland seems to confirm that yes, Peter Parker and Ned Leeds spend a lot of time fiddling with electronic gear !
This is however not very surprising since, as explained previously, Peter Parker has always been portrayed as a great scientist. As for the gamer side of Ned Leeds, fans will perhaps expect a scene in which the character plays a video game Marvel way Logan holding a X-Men comics in the last Wolverine trailer 3 . Do not forget that the Spinner’s mentor is none other than Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming : a billionaire who has proved many times his scientific genius. With all these elements in our possession, hard not to imagine a film in which the technology will be very present … What do you think?