Star Wars 8: Can Kylo Ren redeem himself thanks to Leia?

Cinema 21 January, 2017

With the disappearance of Carrie Fisher, Leia could experience the same fate as Han Solo in Star Wars 8 or Star Wars 9. But what impact would her death have on Kylo Ren?
For almost a month now, the question before us as we, fans of Star Wars , is not that about the identity of Rey. No, one wonders especially about the fate that will be reserved to Leia. With the tragic death of Carrie Fisher and refusal to produce the digitally recreate Star Wars 8 and its sequel (phew …), the fate of the character has become more uncertain. In fact, it seems that there is only one valid solution and it is unfortunately our princess to disappear as Han Solo at the end of the Alarm Force . Sure, it risks us (again) the heart, but it is still the most logical. But if Leia were to die in Star Wars 8 or Star Wars 9 , he could what impact such an event have on the other characters ? If melty the question, it’s because Carrie Fisher was supposed to have a much more important role in Episode VIII in The Force Wake , his scenes were even apparently revealed. In one of them, should rumored to take place in Star Wars 8 , Leia finally regain her brother after years of separation. But in a different sequence, which would intervene, she in Star Wars 9 , our princess would be face to face with his son, Kylo Ren . Which leads us to wonder if the Knight of Ren could redeem himself thanks to Leia …
It is difficult to say anything about the mother and the son, since it is not known whether this scene has already been shot or whether it should even take place. However, there is nothing to prevent us from making some assumptions. If one assumes that die Leia in Star Wars 8 – which is far from being excluded – it is possible that his disappearance had a heavy impact on Kylo Ren. When he killed Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Alarm , the young man hoped to permanently get rid of the part of light that still existed in him. But it must be admitted, Ben clearly has a problem with his father, and this for a long time! Throughout the film, he never ceases to express the ambivalent feelings he feels for Han. But he never mentions his mother. This suggests that Leia still represents for him a beloved figure but does not necessarily threaten his loyalty to Snoke and the dark side of the Force . However, the death of the princess could reverse the situation, especially if Kylo suffered a terrible change in Star Wars 8 .
Adam Driver has Tease there are some days that Kylo Ren, while remaining affiliated to the dark side antagonistic, unveil a little more humanity . But the actor has also let slip some words that lead us to believe that the wicked will not come out unscathed events of Star Wars 8 . When it has been asked by Larry King during a visit on Ora TV channel if Kylo Ren would still be alive at the end of Episode VIII, Adam Driver replied: ” It depends on the idea that you you are to be alive. “. Well, it’s not overly encouraging – and even rather disturbing! – for the character! So, some imagine that Kylo Ren will be seriously injured, perhaps as Anakin himself was in his duel against Obi-Wan on Mustafar at the end of Revenge of the Sith , leaving the In a position both fragile and delicate. If this is confirmed, imagine then what devastating effect could have on him the death of Leia!
If one sees things on the right side, it could represent some form of triggering event that would allow Ben Organa to redeem himself. For it must be admitted that the idea that Kylo Ren could abandon the dark side in Star Wars 8 or Star Wars 9 is not so improbable as that. And the emotional impact could convince him to return to the right side of the Force. Unless of course the disappearance of his mother does not push him further into the darkness. What is certain in any case is that should not appear Leia in Star Wars 9 and will require that its absence is justified in one way or another. And as it is after all the mother of Kylo Ren, who is at least as important in the new trilogy that Rey itself , it will have to have an appropriate response. Again, it was not until the release of Star Wars 8 whether these rumors and assumptions have a chance of being realized! Would you like Kylo Ren to push back the dark side?