Star Wars 8: Carrie Fisher’s daughter Leia returns to her role and filming

Cinema 22 December, 2016

In the previous Star Wars, the daughter of Carrie Fisher had obtained a small role which will be much more important in the 8th episode according to its revelations on the shoot!
In The Force Wake , the most attentive could see the daughter of Carrie Fisher, Leia famous franchise, embody the Connix Lieutenant of the Rebel Alliance. Billie Lourd had already announced a greater role in Star Wars 8 in March of what to give him the chance to walk in the footsteps of her mother. The actress recently returned to this same role with Site Build confirming that yes, Connix would be much important in the next episode . Billie Lourd even took the opportunity to talk about filming with Carrie Fisher and their much stronger ties. “On film, we had a great time” announced one that leads the Rebel Alliance while admitting not to have appreciated the saga being small “See his mother slave bikini, it’s pretty scary when you Is child! ” .
Billie Lourd also decided to laugh its role explaining that she wants Connix more popular and why not organize a “Connix Con” (Comic Con). In addition to confirming that his character would be “back and better than ever” , the actress also praised by Rian Johnson. The filmmaker will have the difficult task to make Star Wars 8, the title of the film was finally unveiled , facing the expectations of the most hardcore fans of a saga that unleashes passions for years . From that side, Billie Lourd seems reassuring and think it is an excellent candidate. Between his role as Connix, his relationship with Carrie Fisher and his childhood in connection with the saga, the spectators can trust him! What do you think of this interview?