Star Wars 8: Could Snoke be the Last Jedi?

Cinema 11 February, 2017

And if the last Jedi Star Wars 8 was neither Luke, Rey nor Kylo Ren but rather … Snoke? This hypothesis may surprise, but it is far from being uninteresting.
Nearly two weeks after the announcement of the official title of Star Wars 8 , theories about its meaning continue to flood the net. What is more normal, at the same time, when one knows how frankness arouses passions … and excites the imagination! In any case, ” The Last Jedi ” has a mysterious and definitive side, which leaves it open to all interpretations. So, of course, we asked ourselves if the title of Star Wars 8 was referring to Luke (most likely), Rey , or even Kylo Ren. But there is another character, less present in Star Wars: The Reveil of the Force but which is still in the heart of its intrigue, to which we had not yet thought. Melty obviously speaks of Snoke, the Supreme Leader of the First Order and uncontested and unchallenged villain of the new trilogy . And there you are immediately seen to raise a skeptical eyebrow. How can Snoke, who is clearly a master of the dark side of the Force, even though he is not a Sith, be the last Jedi? As you will see, this theory is not as capillotractual as it seems!
It is of course on Reddit that this theory appeared for the first time, where it was posted by a surfer named AnakinKardashian (it is not invented!). And this fan of Star Wars has some weighty arguments to make. To support his idea, he evoked not only the fact that Luke went in search of the ancient Jedi temples but also … the presence of the planet Jedha in Star Wars: Rogue One , where the first Jedi would come from. Why then do these two films seem so much to refer to the history of the Jedi order? According to him, it would be to prove to us that this one is very, very old – what one suspected already for a moment. But what is the connection with Snoke? We will ask.
Well, according to the novel inspired by Star Wars: The Reveil of the Force , the Supreme Leader of the First Order would also be very old. Or at least that would be what he would imply when he said that he had witnessed the rise and fall of the Empire. And if, in fact, Snoke was asking for this fan, Snoke was so old that he could have belonged to … the Jedi order, a Jedi order that would not look so much like the one we found in the Prelogy, but a purer order. He adds that Kylo Ren’s lightsaber represents an old version of the Jedi’s weapon and that it is likely that the young man built it under Snoke’s direction. This would be the last survivor of the Jedi order and, thus, the last Jedi . Sure, why not?
So of course, as much as this theory may seem more or less credible, it raises some questions, the most important of which is not necessarily related to Snoke’s actual age. For if Snoke is a true Jedi, then why did he not stand up against Palpatine at the fall of the Republic? Unless he has gone over to the dark side long before . But in this case, what would have prompted him to turn away from his teaching? We are not immune to a huge revelation, of course, especially given that Snoke’s identity and past remain a mystery. However, it is doubtful that the Supreme Leader of the First Order ultimately ever belonged to the Jedi Order – even if this turnaround would indeed be unexpected! No, Luke still appears as the best candidate for the Last Jedi title, Snoke himself having given him this title in Episode VII . However, it will be recognized that this theory is interesting to say the least, in particular because it reveals how fascinating Snoke’s figure fascinates despite his short time on the screen in Star Wars: The Revival of the Force . Between him and Rey, who could, according to some, prove to be the reincarnation of Darth Vader in Star Wars 8 , it is to wonder which one will surprise us the most! What is clear, in any case, is that the ancient history of the Jedi order could unfold completely through the characters of Luke and Snoke, who nevertheless seems to know a lot On this subject … What do you think of this theory?