Star Wars 9: A very important role for Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher?

Cinema 18 April, 2017

What is the future of General Leïa in the Star Wars saga? Can Billie Lourd, the daughter of Carrie Fisher, fill the void left by her mother?

This is the answer that many Star Wars fans are waiting for … How will Lucasfilm / Disney manage the disappearance of Carrie Fisher in the upcoming Star Wars movies? The actress left us at the end of 2016 when she had just finished her work on Star Wars The Last Jedi . If his role in The Revelation of Force was not the most important, his presence in the next two parts had been teased as capital. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced at Star Wars Celebration this weekend, Carrie Fisher will not be in Star Wars Episode IX and fans are confused: how will they explain the ”
The answer to this question remains unanswered at the moment, but to pay homage to the missing actress, Lucasfilm may turn to her daughter Billie Lourd. The young woman was present at the Star Wars Celebration for the tribute to Carrie Fisher and posed in place of her mother on the photos of “family”. Billie Lourd is already part of the adventure since she lends her features to Lieutenant Connix and her role could therefore take on a greater importance within the resistance. Replacing Carrie Fisher in the role of Leïa is not really feasible and would certainly be frowned upon by fans, recreating the character by special effects is an option that has been discarded by Lucasfilm and so it remains a solution.
If the disappearance of Carrie Fisher & therefore Leïa will not be addressed in The Last Jedi, it will necessarily be in Star Wars Episode IX. The plot could therefore resume with the resistance learning the disappearance of the General and who decides to fight more motivated than ever, with a group especially determined to win, Lieutenant Connix aka Billie Lourd. Putting her daughter forward would be a nice way to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher who raised a girl with the same acting talent she! How would you like Lucasfilm to handle the disappearance of Carrie Fisher?