Star Wars Rogue One: 3 questions raised by the saga solved in the film

Cinema 5 February, 2017

Star Wars: Rogue One tells the stolen plans of the Black Star, but it’s not just that! It also fills some scenario holes of the saga remained without explanation.
We love Star Wars , of course, but it must be admitted that the saga is characterized by some ” plot holes ” sometimes a little too convenient and have never been substantiated. Fortunately, spin-offs, in addition to exploring the past of certain characters or revisiting events, can also fill all those little scenic holes that left us perplexed until then. And at that level, Star Wars: Rogue One, which will soon have its own comprehensive guide , is rather good job! The film, whose starting point, remember, is still a small line in the scrolling text of Star Wars: A New Hope , tells us the heroic flight plans of the Star of Black … and also benefits To answer some questions that were asked about the weapon of the Empire. Like, for example, how he has been careless enough Empire as to leave this huge weakness in the heart of the Death Star , the risk just to see it explode? But it is not only this problem that he addresses! The editorial ‘of melty looks back on three elements of the saga that finally found an explanation or justification in Star Wars: Rogue One .
And so it starts obviously by this famous cooling system in which Luke manages to fire torpedoes, causing the complete collapse of the station. Fans of Star Wars are always a little fun of this element of the scenario a bit easier which is mainly there to allow the Rebel Alliance to win the battle. A sort of McGuffin a bit wobbly, in short. Moreover, at the time, George Lucas tended to justify his choice by declaring that the Empire was so sure of its power that it could not envisage that a single small vessel managed to destroy its combat station. But it must be believed that Gareth Edwards was part of these fans half convinced by this explanation. Result, it has solved the problem with the character of Galen .
In the book Catalyst , which represents a sort of prequel to Star Wars: Rogue One , one particular learns that the father of Jyn is actually a good and humble man, a scientist who specialized in the study of crystals kyber. And if he works first for Orson Krennic, it’s because he’s thinking of developing a renewable energy source for the entire galaxy. While at the same time, Krennic uses his research to create weapons. And it is when he realizes the intentions of the Empire that Galen decides to flee with his wife and daughter. Which leads us of course to this opening scene on Lah’mu, in which Lyra is assassinated and Galen is embarked by the Empire. As he says himself in Star Wars: Rogue One , Galen knows that the Empire would be quite able to complete the Death Star without him. He chose to obey orders and to continue its work on the arming station system … and take this opportunity to introduce this small almost indistinguishable flaw in its cooling system , so minimal that the Empire’s engineers spend beside. But enough to allow the Alliance to detonate the Black Star. And that’s how this massive ” plot hole ” is a more than satisfactory resolution Rogue One !
The other problem that the spin-off responds also has a link with the Black Star. Or rather with the second Death Star . And all is a matter here of time and delay. Because remember, the construction of the first Empire station begins when Palpatine takes power, well twenty years before Star Wars: A New Hope. But in Return of the Jedi , one sees one second Death Star whose construction is already well advanced. But how did the Empire manage to build it so quickly – it is estimated that four years elapsed between the Battle of Yavin and that of Endor – when it took more than twenty years for the first ?
In fact, it may be that, if the Empire has taken so long to finish the first Death Star, it’s simply because … could not find a sufficiently powerful energy source to power its laser beam . Now this energy, as we know now, is produced by the kyber crystals. And as Cassian suggests when he evokes the plundering of the Temple of Jedha in a conversation with Jyn, it is not so long since the Empire is so interested in crystals. So if the second Death Star is already almost complete in Return of the Jedi , it’s because deep down, realize its structure does not take so much time. And that four years are enough to finally build a good part of its bone! Unless of course the Empire began the making of this second Star even before the battle of Yavin. But one doubts, simply because keeping the secret about the presence of these two stations would have been a little mission impossible …
The third element that Star Wars: Rogue One is not really a problem. This is a huge nod fact fans, which however has the merit to justify a code name that one hears in Star Wars: A New Hope . Did you wonder why we were so interested in the Red 5 pilot, whose ship explodes under the fire of the TIE Hunters during the Battle of Scarif? Well, it’s simply because “Red 5″ reality becomes … the code name Luke in Episode IV when he joined the fleet of the Rebel Alliance . If he can take command of an X-Wing and integrate with the Red Squadron, it is also visibly because it has lost one of its pilots and the place is therefore free. In the same vein, we also know now why Luke squadron is called ” Rogue ” in The Empire against attack . This is probably a tribute to the team Jyn, who sacrificed to send the plans to the Death Star to the Rebel Alliance … And we must certainly thank Leia, whose presence on Scarif in Star Wars Rogue one has finally found an explanation for this!