Star Wars Rogue One: 5 secrets about the plot and the characters unveiled in the novel!

Cinema 12 February, 2017

There are still a lot of little details that we do not know about the characters and the Star Wars plot: Rogue One. Fortunately, the novel inspired by the film reveals them!
For every Star Wars movie that comes out, you obviously have to be careful what happens on the screen … but also what happens around it! For the books, the comics, the arts books that land each allow to add new stones to the edifice. And the first spin-off of the franchise of course does not derogate from the rule. Thus, we have four things about the character of Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen), the warrior monk of Star Wars: Rogue One , which we did not know until then , thanks to the art book ” Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide ” . But there is another book that can give us a lot of unpublished details about the film, its plot and its characters. And this book, of course, is the novel by Alexander Freed that takes the story of the spin-off step by step. Not only does it relate all the events of Star Wars: Rogue One but it also explores the past of some of our favorite protagonists and even goes back on some details passed over in silence in the film . Melty’s editorial reveals 5 secrets – among many others – revealed in the book Rogue One: A Star Wars Story !
The past life of the Erso
When one discovers the Erso family, it lives on the planet Lah’mu, far from the Empire, where Galen Erso plays the farmers. A rather amazing reconversion for this scientist who spent part of his life studying the kyber crystals, as Orson Krennic notes! As we told you when we discussed the 3 issues raised by the saga Star Wars: Rogue One is responding to , Galen actually fled the Empire after he understood what he was planning to do with his research. The book Rogue One: A Star Wars Story reveals that if Galen has adapted to life of a farmer, he, however, never stopped being a scientist . But instead of devoting himself to the kyber crystals, he studied the study of the vegetation and soil composition of Lah’mu. As for Lyra Erso, we learn that she was always wary of the Empire – not least because of her faith in the Force – and was even tempted to leave Galen and take Jyn away from Coruscant. But once on Lah’mu, far from Krennic and her bad influence, Lyra obviously adapted very well to her new life, which she took to love . We understand why she tries to kill Krennic at the beginning of the film. No question for her to return to the bosom of the Empire!
Jyn’s violent past in the group of Saw Gerrera
When you think about it, you do not know much about what Jyn did after his parents died. Collected by Saw Gerrera, it is clear that she fought alongside her rebel group, where she certainly learned how to defend herself like a pro. And according to the novel, Cassian is not alone in getting his hands dirty! According to the book, Jyn has committed many acts of violence, learning to fight, to fly, to survive at all costs . Yes, Jyn is a soldier of the same sort as Cassian, and, knowing the fanaticism of Saw Gerrera, one suspects that she must have been forced to show herself often unforgiving. Then, inevitably, like our Rebel, Jyn also seeks in her new mission a form of redemption for all the reprehensible acts that she was able to commit in her youth.
Former Imperialists in the Rebel Alliance
We do not necessarily know that, but a large part of the members of the Rebel Alliance actually worked for the Empire . We remember the cases of Biggs and Wedge, who also made a discreet cameo in Star Wars: Rogue One , the two X-Wing drivers present in A New Hope. These two men initially integrated the Empire before deserting and joining the Rebel Alliance. The Star Wars inspired book Rogue One reveals that they are far from being isolated cases and that there are even recruiters to convince some Imperialists to desert. Cassian himself would have allowed to return several dozen soldiers of the Empire to make Rebels. In fact, it would seem that nearly half of the Rebel Alliance is made up of converted Imperials!
What did the Rebel Alliance of the Black Star really know?
When Star Wars: Rogue One begins, it is clear that the Rebel Alliance has only a very, very vague idea of ​​what the Empire does and is not aware of the existence of the Black Star. It is enough to see the head that Cassian makes when his informant Tivek speaks to him for the first time of the ” planet killer ” to understand that the rebels were far from surrender of the threat. However, the Alliance is not unaware of the fact that things are not very clear. Simply because the information is fragmentary and often comes from Saw Gerrera – who is considered a dangerous fanatic out of control – she does not lend too much faith to what she hears. And then it must also be emphasized that not everyone sees the Emperor in the same eye! If some know that it is profoundly evil, others see it as … a mere corrupt politician and drunk with power , but not necessarily like a tyrant capable of exploding planets to assert his authority!
During the Battle of Scarif, Admiral Raddus demonstrated a certain military genius that allowed the Rebel Alliance to recover the Black Star’s plans. Using a Hammerhead shuttle to crash a Destroyer out of service on another Destroyer, all this to blow up the planet’s shield, you had to think about it! But what happened to the brave rebels on board the corvette? In the novel Rogue One, we learn from Star Wars Story that fortunately a large part of the crew manages to evacuate the ship, called Lightmaker (a very symbolic name!) Before it launches into its Suicide mission. Only then, his captain, named Kado Oquoné, stayed aboard with a few volunteers to operate the corvette. And they do not escape. In order to pay homage to them, Raddus swears then to give the name of the crew of the Lightmaker to his great-grandchildren. Provided he survives himself in battle! What do you think ?