Star Wars Rogue One: All Easter Eggs Recapitulated in a Video

Cinema 17 April, 2017

Star Wars Rogue One is full of references to other episodes of the saga. The proof: a video summarizes all the Easter Eggs of the film!
Fans only know it too well, watch a movie or a Star Wars series (see playing one of the franchise’s video games!), It’s the assurance of seeing Easter Eggs. For those who missed an episode, an Easter Egg is a hidden reference, the equivalent of a wink in a film that only the most attentive can spot by having the right codes. In the case of Star Wars Rogue One, whose K-2SO’s past within the Empire was revealed , these codes are those specific to the universe created by George Lucas several decades ago and which excite The fans since. For the most lazy, a video is available on YouTube and reveals these Easter Eggs.
Failing to look for them in front of the film, this video chews the work and notices that the links are numerous. With Star Wars Rogue One (one of whose main characters was almost killed by Dark Vader) , Gareth Edwards really wanted to please the most passionate fans able to see every little detail. The next spin-off of the saga, Star Wars Han Solo , is expected to be full of these Easter Eggs in connection with George Lucas franchise. One thing is certain: the aficionados of this last one will be able to wait with this video before the exit of the Last Jedi whose trailer was unveiled to Star Wars Celebration. What do you think ?