Star Wars Rogue One: Does Dark Vador deserve his own Spin Off?

Cinema 20 December, 2016

The appearances of Dark Vador in Star Wars: Rogue One have conquered everyone! So much so that one wonders if the villain would not deserve his spin-off too.
There is no photo, Darth Vader is THE iconic figure par excellence of the saga Star Wars , far ahead of Luke, Yoda or even R2-D2. Already because a black man with a terrifying helmet who breathes like a bellows of forge and who is able to strangle his subordinates just with his mind, is maliciously cool and it marks. Secondly, because, casually, Darth Vader is above all a tragic figure , whose fall is told us in the prequels and whose redemption comes at a time of his death. His two appearances in brutal Rogue One, the first exciting spin-off of Star Wars comes out to the movies, they fall on already in the list of the best scenes of the saga – we shudder in yet! So, in melty, one comes to ask: Darth Vader he deserves his own spin-off? Star Wars: Rogue One has proved that one can explore events and secondary characters in the saga, to depart from its usual tone to offer something new, while massively attractive to the public. This opens the door to infinite possibilities. And they are many fans who, after seeing Rogue One , calling for a spin-off of the Dark Lord. But is the idea really good?
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The relationship between Palpatine and Dark Vador is only superficially evoked in the first trilogy
As stated above, Darth Vader is an icon, not just in the world of Star Wars . You may never have seen any movie of the license, you know nevertheless necessarily who it is. So yes, if we consider that this is one of the most famous villains in cinema history, Vader obviously a fascinating subject . And there would be things to tell about him! We could see the last hunt Jedi who survived Order 66 issued by Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith or observe the development of the father-son type of relationship a little unhealthy with the Emperor. Besides the Rebel Alliance existed for several years begin when Star Wars: Rogue One and A New Hope and he certainly had the opportunity to chop menu rebel before crossing the road to Leia.
In short, as the spin-off of Han Solo, the start date of filming was unveiled , a movie about Darth Vader could allow to explore the gray areas that still surround the character . And give us the opportunity to find the wicked one whom we adore! Especially since, unlike the spin-off on the youth of Han Solo, there is no need to tear his hair out to find the perfect interpreter since he would remain hidden under the imposing costume and the mask of Dark Vader. It would simply have to have the desired build and, of course, that James Earl Jones agrees to duplicate it.
However, we have to face the obvious. If Darth Vader is so popular, so remarkable is precisely because … we do not see it much . Whether in the first trilogy or Rogue One , the Sith Lord is ultimately a secondary character, powerful, terrifying and necessary to the plot certainly, but still high, the three films about the foremost Course of Luke. Moreover, the fact that Dark Vador is much more appreciated than Anakin, while it is the two facets of the same character, speaks volumes! Finally, the less the villain makes apparitions, the more intense and striking they are. So putting him in the shoes of the main character of his own film could tarnish his aura. Especially because, in the end, we did not really want to know EVERYTHING about him . The shadows and the mysteries that surround his path contribute to fuel his legend and that is also why we adore the character. Not to mention that the massacre of the rebel or the Jedi could quickly become repetitive, quickly accustoming us to the brutality of the character until it loses all flavor (no, we are not psychopaths, not at all !). Darth Vader is an almost sacred figure of the saga Star Wars and, by providing a spin-off, the studios could dent fault of their own image. Unless of course to find the perfect story, which nevertheless would not remove the risky side of such an undertaking. That said, there is no doubt that such a film would easily attract the crowds in the dark rooms! And you, would you like to see a spin-off on Dark Vader?