Star Wars Rogue One: Does the film make enough of its heroines?

Cinema 21 January, 2017

Since returning to the cinema, the Star Wars saga has heroines badass. However, according to one study, Rogue One could even more value his female characters!
The Force Clock and Rogue One have shown, it’s not just men who can kick ass super villains of the galaxy far, far away. With Rey and Jyn Erso (which we now know where does the name in Star Wars Rogue One) , the last two films of the franchise we have offered powerful heroines and far from having a smooth personality. Girl Power ! Except that, maybe not so much in the end. A recent study of Rogue One , supported by Europe Newsweek says that as badass as are the female recruits of the saga, they would be in the minority when it comes to talking to the screen. This is the scientific Amber Thomas embarked on a thorough study of the dialogues of Rogue One , concluding that all the women present on the screen pronounced in total … 27% of the dialogues . Oops, we know one that it’s going to fire up.
So, of course, we are already super happy to see that women weigh in the game Star Wars (and this is not what GIF Jyn Erso combat that will tell us otherwise). When it was released, the film was applauded for its feminist dimension and the power it gave to her heroine. But the survey figures recall that there is still some work to the team at work behind the blockbuster: a total of 9% of the characters are women, droids and aliens included. Taken together, Jyn, Mothma and Leia Organa accumulate 17% of the dialog Rogue One . Well, in the case of Leia Organa is rather logical: it appears that a minute during a cameo, Carrie Fisher confided besides worshiping in Star Wars Rogue One before his disappearance. Where it is more surprising, it is on Jyn Erso’s side! That said, let us not forget that what may be more important is the quality and not the quantity of the words spoken by the characters. And if we had remembered best final of the relevant sentences heroines Rogue One ? In your opinion, should the Star Wars franchise put even more emphasis on its heroines?