Star Wars Rogue One: Jyn and Cassian on images of deleted scenes

Cinema 5 January, 2017

Many scenes from Star Wars: Rogue One, seen in the trailers, were removed at the final editing of the film. And some are revealed today thanks to images!

It is not going to lie, before Star Wars: Rogue One does so in film and became one of the biggest financial success of 2016, the film gave us a cold sweat. In question, the famous stages of reshooting and new scenes shot while the film was already in the editing room. At the time, it was thought that something was wrong with the plot, the tone or even the characters themselves. In the end, it turns out that these sequences have helped change … the end of Star Wars: Rogue One, which has very nearly ended differently . And that is why some images seen in the first trailers do not finally appear in the final version of the film! You know, like the one where we see Jyn running on the beach Scarif, plans for the Death Star in hand . Well, we do not know if there will ever be an opportunity to discover the scenes that were first shot first before being deleted. But at least we can now, thanks to Disney and Lucasfilm , some photos directly from these sequences!
And yes, there are certainly not many, these photos that were first unveiled on the site / Film. But at least they give us a glimpse of what could have been! The one on which Jyn is seen in the company of a relaxed and smiling Cassian makes us warm in the heart. As for the plans of the Black Star, they are quietly placed on Jyn’s sack. The picture is proof that our two heroes were originally supposed to survive their suicide mission before Gareth Edwards changes his mind. And we can even see the feet of Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen), the somewhat skeptical partner of Chirrut! He, too, had to come out alive, just as visibly as K-2SO. The presence of Alan Tudyk in combination of motion capture on a picture of the backstage where one sees the beach seems to at least attest.
On another image, we find of course Orson Krennic, a blaster in his hand while he stands in what looks like an imperial base. At melty, it could be imagined that this scene could have taken place in one of the Empire’s super-destroyers, in a confrontation between Krennic and Tarkin, who tries by every possible means to oust him and take his place in As commander of the Black Star. But this is obviously only a supposition! As one where we see Jyn, she should probably take place in the corridors of the headquarters of the Rebel Alliance . She holds her Kyber crystal in her hand, which suggests that she may be wondering about her motives or what she should do to help the rebels. In short, even with these images, it is clear that Star Wars: Rogue One could have been a movie very, very different ! Would you like to see these scenes in the movie?