Star Wars Rogue One: One of the main characters was almost killed by Dark Vador

Cinema 24 March, 2017

In the first version of the Rogue One script, Darth Vader appeared only to kill one of the main characters at the end.
We told you recently on melty, Star Wars Rogue One could have had a completely different ending , with Jyn Erso and Cassian saved by the rebel ships before the Scarif planet explodes in the middle of small pieces! But our two heroes are not the only ones who could have had a completely different ending. Because in the original version of the script, Jyn Erso and Cassian are not the only ones to be saved. Director Krennic, played by Ben Mendelsohn , also has the right to his happy ending. Well almost. He actually succeeded in surviving and was drafted by the imperial forces. “He survived the explosion and brought him back to the Star of Death to bring him back to Darth Vader ,” said screenwriter Gary Whitta. “He is in a bad state, his cloak is torn and he thinks he has valiantly served the Emperor . ” But in reality, for Darth Vader, he has not at all succeeded in his mission since the plans of the Star of Death have managed to be stolen.
And so, Darth Vader, loyal to himself, strangles him with his Force and kills him “for his failure,” Gary Whitta explained. Finally, this scene was a bit complicated, because how can you explain that director Krennic managed to survive the explosion of the planet Scarif? It’s impossible. What’s more, they preferred to use Darth Vader for a much more significant scene, where he arrives on Princess Leia’s ship to kill all the soldiers, which brings us straight back to the beginning of Episode IV, A New Hope . Because yes, in the beginning, this scene did not exist in the Star Wars script : Rogue One . Finally, we are quite happy that they changed all that, because tying Rogue One to episode IV was a very good idea! And, If Rogue One is missing you, know that a suite in the form of a novel is to be expected ! So we have not finished hearing about our favorite rebel soldiers! What do you think ?